Hail To The Redskins.  Hail Victory!

What’s up man?  My name is Otis & I’m a Washington Redskins fan.  In fact, I’m not just a Redskins fan — I am a diehard Redskins fan.  Please let me be clear about that.

Now I’m not the type that has a thousand jerseys of guys that played for the team over the years.  Nor am I the face painting type.  Hell, I don’t even have a tattoo of the Skins logo anywhere on my person (nor have I

A Diehard Band
Strike up the band! It’s time for lift-off. (Are you THIS diehard?)

named any of my children after the stadium).  But I’m a diehard nonetheless.

I’m the kinda guy that refuses to make plans on Sundays from September to January, because I only get 16 Sundays a year to cheer my boys.  I’m the kinda guy that absolutely has to watch each and every Washington ballgame from beginning to end, regardless of the outcome.  Year after year.  I’m also the sorta fella that people introduce their friends to as “that Skins Fan I was telling you about” (Wait: what in the hell does that mean?).  Yes, I’m a diehard.

And that’s a lot of what this is about.  See, it has been a habit of mine to visit this fan forum off and on (especially during the season), and at times I would really like to expound on a given topic I found interesting, or discuss a matter that I considered important, and things such as this.  But a public forum isn’t the place to stand on a soapbox (in my mind).  But a personal blog definitely is!  So there you have it.

Lemme be clear: I don’t intend to solely discuss football on this blog.  I do have other interests, and ball is but one among them.  What I will do is specifically opine, bitch & complain about Redskins Football.  But other than that, I intend to expand on the issues of the day.  Or tell a story or two.  Or better yet, maybe I’ll ramble on about something interesting I read in the paper.  Because you know, that stuff interests me too.

But whatever it is that I do post, you have my word that the content will be readable.  And you know what?  It just maybe-possibly-perhaps-incidentally…might actually be pretty good.

Who’s down to find out?  Are you?

Good.  Let’s begin.