4 Reasons The Skins Will Win This Year (The Season Is Here!)

Washington Redskins Football
I’ve been waiting all year for this day!

It’s finally here dammit.  The kickoff to the 2017 NFL Football Season!

Not only have I been counting down to this upcoming season, but the way last year ended for Burgundy & Gold, September couldn’t get here fast enough!  Yes, I know there’s only one game going tonight (and The Redskins ain’t even in it).  But I don’t care.  All that tells me is that King Football is back.  Let the townspeople rejoice!

Can you tell I’m excited?  Yup.  You’re damn right I am, because there’s nothing like this time of year.

Yeah, I like summer.  I do.  Spending time with friends and family, going places, and just enjoying the weather.  All of that is cool.  But in the background is that crescendo.  It’s barely audible before the 4th of July, then it’s unmistakable by late July.  In august it gets tantalizingly more robust with each passing day.  Then, once Labor Day has passed, The King is back!  And tonight is his coronation.

It’s back.

And like I said before: The Skins don’t kick off till Sunday.  The game on tonight is between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots.  Yes, as we all know by now the Pats get the inaugural Home Game by virtue of being the reining Super Bowl Champs.  Honestly I want KC to clobber ’em.  Which probably means that they’ll get clobbered themselves instead.

But no matter.  I’ve chosen this opportunity to to share my thoughts on Washington’s Season.  So let’s get to it

*                                                 *                                                   *

First things first.  I believe that we’re going to Win this year!  Big surprise, right?  Yeah yeah I know, homer & all.  But hear me out.

    1. These Redskins know how to Win.  After going 9-7 (and Winning The NFC East) in 2015, The Team followed up that campaign with an 8-7-1 record last year.  Yes, that’s only a lousy game over .500, but the takeaway is that The Squad did that against quality competition (meaning a 1st Place Schedule).  Not only is that an improvement, it’s also a signal that the fellas can Beat quality opponents.  These guys ain’t a fluke folks.
    2. The team has improved during The Offseason.  Quick, tell me The Team’s big weakness.  It was The Defense, right?  Right.  And that side of The Ball has gotten a helluva lot better.  We have a quality Safety (Swearinger), a true Inside Linebacker (Brown), and Junior Galette is finally healthy.  And by all accounts, he hasn’t lost a step from those achilles injuries.  And as much as the faithful griped about the Preseason Play, I saw surefire signs of improvement.  Not only will The Defense be better, but I believe The Special Teams will as well.

  1. Jay Gruden is still The Head Coach.  It’s time for Skins Fans to show a little faith in the fat boy (hell, I can’t even call him that anymore because he’s lost so much weight).  Why?  Because the guy can freaking coach.  He can.  Yes, there are areas with which to find fault, but the fact remains that despite the handicaps he’s had in terms of talent & Front Office…shortcomings, he has this Team playing competitive, Winning Football.  And yes, I’m including the Giants game.  Fact is, Washington has posted back-to-back Winning Seasons under his watch.  And The Team has gotten younger, deeper, and more talented.  Dude deserves some respect for that.
  2. Kirk Cousins is still The Quarterback.  Although he isn’t our Franchise Quarterback (because of a weird Offseason), he’s still our man.  Okay, Cousins may not be perfect.  He may not even be elite.  But I don’t care, because what he does do is Win ballgames for the good guys.  And that’s all I care about.  And most importantly, he’s a Washington Redskins Quarterback this Season.  Which means that we have a good shot to Win every week.  I’ll take it.

That’s me painting a pretty picture though, right?  Well sure it is.  I mean c’mon, I’m a Diehard.  Of course I believe The Redskins are going to Win.  And call me every name in the book, but The B&G has already proven that they can Win using this formula.

Lastly, I purposely didn’t get all academic about this season’s prospects because (as I see it) what matters most is that Ashburn has built upon a successful foundation.  And I say this knowing that things could still go sideways in a hurry.  This is The NFL we’re talking about.

But I feel good about this year.  I feel real good.

All that’s left now is for the games to begin.

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2 thoughts on “4 Reasons The Skins Will Win This Year (The Season Is Here!)

  1. BRO you are delusional in your philosophy. The Redskins are still a terrible team as always. You got rid of your top 2 offensive weapons and you still have not addressed the HUGE issue you have at nose tackle. Let face it your looking at another 7-9 year.

    • Thanks for the comment Ryan.

      “The Redskins are a terrible team as always” eh? That seems like hate to me.

      While you’re right about The Team losing Pierre Garçon and Desean Jackson, our Top weapon is Jordan Reed. And he’s still in the fold. Not to mention we’ve picked up an intriguing talent in Terrelle Pyor, still have Jamison Crowder, and our #1 Pick from last years draft (Josh Doctson) is ready to meaningfully contribute. The interesting thing is our Week 1 Opponent agrees with me:

      You do have a point about our Nose Tackle – Phil Taylor was slated to be the answer at Nose, but sadly he’s out for The Season. We will all have to watch what happens there. But this Defense is definitely going to be better. Hell, they couldn’t get much worse, right?

      The bottom line here The Season must play itself out. But I repeat: I’ve got The Skins Winning & Contending this year.

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