About Me


an image of Diehard Otis

Hello.  My name is Otis, and I’m a Skins fan.

But you already knew that.

Honestly, I hate this page because on the blogs that I’ve visited, people are waaaay more open than I’m willing tobe right off the bat.  Obviously with a personal blog, I’m going to share some of my innermost thoughts.  That’s kinda the point right?  But this isn’t where I would be willing to tell you my life’s story.

In fact, here’s how we’re gonna do this.  Besides football, there’s a great many things that I wish to discuss.  It is of particular interest to me how the information age has transformed our daily lives–this website is certainly a notable example of this very phenomenon.  I also get a kick out of human behavior, domestic & international politics, and how the shifting demographics of this country affects everything from race relations in america to the state of the macro economy.

Besides some of my more egghead pursuits, I have been known to enjoy the occasional card game (in a former life I used to shark home poker games), and sharing some personal anecdotes is a favorite of mine too.  I mean, who doesn’t like a funny story right?  And of course I reserve the right to gripe about what is seriously wrong with the state of the world as I see it.  But what blogger doesn’t do that?

As for me, I am willing to tell you that I am a resident of The DMV (for those unfamiliar, that’s Washington DC-Maryland-Virginia region, although I have no idea who came up with that).  In my mind, there ain’t a better place to live on God’s green earth than around here.  And you know The Skins are the joint!

Otherwise, I’m a private man.  Now, not living in a cave in the Pashtun region of Northwestern Pakistan private: more like the don’t-expect-me-to-post-a-personal-pic private.  Nothing crazy.  And to me, that’s the sublime beauty of the interwebs.  One can be as open, or as guarded, as one wishes to be.  That is truly balance in all its grandiose harmony.

Oh yeah, and if you wanna know in a nutshell my thoughts on Redskins Football, click here.  With that said, please visit often.  I will make it my priority to make your visits enjoyable.  Until the next post goes live, I’m signing out.