Week 4 in Review: Chaos!

an image of a car on fire in the middle of the city street.
A snapshot of Week 4 right there.

I thought Week 3 was crazy, but it ain’t got nothing on this!

There were five legitimate upsets in the games & fully eight teams that beat the spread (nine if you include The Monday Nighter. KC got a cheap ass score at the end for a backdoor cover. That ballgame was waaaay closer than that!)

When it comes to The NFL  this season, nobody knows anything.

Consider this. An underdog Detroit goes to Division Rival Minnesota and beats them by a Touchdown.  A Road Favorite Pittsburgh travels to Arch-Rival Baltimore and beats the shucking fit outta the Ravens by 17.  In Baltimore!  And the Seattle Seahawks struggled mightily to beat a sorry Indianapolis team IN SEATTLE!

And in THE surprise of the day, Houston hung 57 on Road Favorite Tennessee – and the Texans are Starting a Rookie Quarterback! 

None of this stuff makes any sense, which is why I say nobody knows anything.

But more to the point, I think we are witnessing a transition period taking place throughout The League.  This state of affairs is mostly due to the decline of the Patriots.

While I have written about it already, this phenomenon is striking – in their 3 Home Games this season, mighty New England sports a losing record at 1-2.

Sure, they are playing a Super Bowl Champion’s Schedule.  However, they had been a perennial Contender for 15 years easy.  But those days appear to be in the rearview mirror.

Which leads me to my point: in the vacuum created by the Patriots fall from grace, we now have a chaotic transition period taking place in The League.  Eventually, a team (or group of teams) will rise to become the new elite.

In the meanwhile, expect more turmoil until that squad (or two, or three) find themselves.

It will be nothing if not interesting.  That’s for sure.

Now let’s review the games.


Last Week’s Picks

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it.  They were awful.  Just awful.

I got hammered in damn near every game I took!  I did NOT like that. [SIGH] Oh well.  Let’s review.


Carolina vs New England (-9) (over/under 49.5) – I really took this one on the chin.  New England at Home seemed like a safe, conservative pick.  I know they were facing a quality Opponent, but there’s no way they were gonna go under .500 at Home, right? Hmph.  So much for that logic.  But now my question is Carolina, how good are you?  Honestly I have no idea.  Good job on Winning in Foxboro – to the demise of prognosticators (and Diehard Game pickers) everywhere.

Carolina           33
New England   30 ✓ (-9!)


Los Angeles(N) vs The Rival (-6.5) (o/u 48.5) – 
See? Now this is why I absolutely HATE picking The Hated Rival.  There’s no possible way that you can Win.  On the one hand, picking them feels like you’re stoning your mother.  And when they lose, then YOU get stoned!  What business did those bastards have losing to The Rams on that cheap ass field down there?  (And I’m not sold on LA either)  I knew you were overrated; I just knew it!  Grrrrr….

Los Angeles (N)   35
The HATED Rival  30 ✓ (-6.5)


Jacksonville (-3.5) vs New York(A) (o/u 38) – Jacksonville, you are killing me.  After taking you to Beat Baltimore, I had high hopes that you’d turned the corner.  I know Winning on The Road in The National Football League is never easy.  But I thought you were better than following up a strong game with a clunker.  But it appears that I was wrong.  As for New York, I’m gonna get off your back (for now).  I give you props for making a statement against the Jags that you’re nobody’s bitch.  In fact, you guys are the best team in NYC!  Take that for what it’s worth.

Jacksonville  20 ✓ (-3.5)
New York(A)  23


Buffalo vs Atlanta (-8) (o/u 48.5) – Hey Bills; if respect is what you’re after, Win the AFC East!  That would send a message loud and clear that you guys are the real deal.  But I’m not gonna lie – beating the Falcons in Atlanta is a nice start.  So is that Defense really that good, or did you capitalize on those key injuries the birds sustained?  Your Week 5 matchup will tell us a lot more about you (but Beating Denver and Atlanta is quality stuff).  And this is Atlanta sports in a nutshell: they play (and Win) enough to convince you to believe in them.  Then when you do, they promptly fall back into the surf.  The end.

Buffalo   23
Atlanta   17 ✓ (-8)


Bonus Game

San Francisco vs Arizona (-7) (o/u 44.5) – This is the one game I got right.  And even here the fucking Cardinals failed to cover.  As soon as I saw the game went to Overtime, I knew my goose was cooked!  But Arizona kept their season alive, even if it was by a skin-of-their-teeth Victory over the hapless Niners.  Zona, I think it’s safe to say that David Johnson’s injury wrecked your season.  Coach Arians, you have your work cut out for you.  Because it’s hard for me to see how you keep this team afloat without your Multi-Threat Superstar.  Kyle Shanahan, on the other hand, may indeed be a prodigy Coach.  The way he has his team competing is awfully impressive.  The 49ers are gonna bite somebody good.  I just hope it ain’t in Week 6.

San Francisco  15
Arizona             18 ✓ (-7)


Once again, I will admit that I gotta do better than this.  It seemed like every single game I picked ended up an upset.  That’s the beauty of Pro Football, right?

Props to those that enjoyed a Winning week.  Sheesh.

Must be nice.

Week 4 Results

ATS: 0-5!

Redskins: 0-1 (If only Doctson had caught the FUCKIN’ BALL!)


Quick Hits

The Best Division outside The NFC East is: This week its the NFC South.  Every team in the Division except the Defending Conference Champs Won.  The Panthers Won a big Road Game, New Orleans shut out Miami (that’s ugly!), and the Buccaneers held serve at Home against worthless New York(Giants).  Pretty good day!  And for that, props go to the dirty south.

The worst team in The League is: The New York Giants.  No more beating around the bush.  The Giants fucking suck!  That’s all there is to it.  They’re 0-2 in The Division.  They are 30th in Points Scored, & they’re 31st in Rushing Offense.  How the hell are they supposed to score on teams?  More importantly, how can they compete?  New York, you’re making The NFC East look bad!

The Best Team in The League is: [SIGH] Kansas City.  Everyone agrees on this one.  The Redskins had their shot (boy, did they!) but ultimately came up short.  And to the Chiefs credit, they beat three quality teams (New England is still a quality team, just no longer a juggernaut) and Won a Division Game on The Road.  Impeccable credentials.  Chiefs stay till someone knocks ’em off.

Stop Overrating…
The Hated Rivals.  They ain’t goin’ to no damn Super Bowl.  You can cut that shit right now.  In fact, I don’t even have em going to The Playoffs.  From what I’ve seen so far, this Texas team will hover around .500 all year long & we’ll be subjected to the constant moaning of ‘what’s wrong with The Hated Rivals?’ ‘what’s wrong with The Hated Rivals?’  All season long. Barf.

Stop Underrating…
The Buffalo Bills.  Truthfully, I’m guilty of this one myself.  And I paid for underratin’ these Bills twice; I picked against them in Week 3 & I was fool enough to do it again this past week.  No more.  Apparently, Buffalo has something to say to guys like me (that take them lightly).  Well gentlemen, you have proven your point.  No more sleepin’ on the Bills for me!

And If The Super Bowl Was Today…
You gotta like KC these days.  While that may change, they have earned the benefit of the doubt thus far.  But who would they meet is the question.  And it’s too early for a definitive answer in that regard.  But if it were today I’ll go with Kansas City meeting Green Bay.  To the Packers credit, they are who we thought they were; a bona fide Contender.  Even though that Defense up there is a little light in the ass, they still get the nod.


Can you believe a 4th of The Season is gone already?  I love football season so much, but it’s here & gone in a flash!

Let us savor every morsel of every game while we have it.  And we know the action is only going to heat up from here.

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