Eagles Week: The Postgame

The Washington Redskins Won today 27-22, up in Philadelphia.

Hell yes.

7:05pm (3 hours after the final)

Damn, it feels good to Win!  And honestly, I’ve been chillin’, celebrating, & talking loud–well, online.  You can’t really do that over the internet can you?  Anyways, at this point in the season when your game is over, there’s like 3 or 4 other ballgames whose outcomes can affect yours.  So I’m peeking at the scores outta the corner of my eye.

Look, I know the world keeps turning and the sun will shine tomorrow.  In other words, these games aren’t life and death.  I know, I know.

But yes, things are so much sweeter when you’re on this side of the coin…and trust me, I’ve spent plenty of time on the opposite end of scores like this too.  I’m not taking anything for granted.  I’m enjoying myself.

But as fans of any sport can tell you, the roller-coaster ride of following a team through its season can be quite harrowing.  Truth is, the best way to enjoy the ride is to stay (somewhat) even keeled.  Which I try my best to do — although I admit that if you knew me well, you’d know better than to believe that bullcrap!

Fine.  I ride the wave.  Same as most fans do.  But I know this; going to work to begin your week is so much sweeter when your team Wins.

Man, do I love this game!

Hail To The Redskins!

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