The Redskins Preseason: Everybody’s Panicking!


Worried Skins Fan
Don’t worry son. The Redskins record after this tilt will still be 0-0.

Ah yes.  The dog days of summer are upon us.  Around these parts, that means that the county fair is in full swing, the kids are enjoying their last few weeks before school starts, and football’s back.  And specifially that means that Redskins Football is back!  What on this fine green earth could be better than that?

That is, unless The Skins struggle during the ballgames in August.

And since we’re talking about the Washington Redskins, that also means we’re talking about the manic, hysterical, and panicking legions of Skins fans around town & all over the internet.


Look: I understand.  The reports out of training camp at times were glowing!  Terrelle Pryor was making insane plays, Zach Brown was flying around and looking athletic, and Kirk Cousins stood to benefit from another year in Coach Gruden’s Offense.  Things were sounding good.  Even Junior Galette had stayed healthy!

Hail to the Redskins baby!

Then the Preseason games started.  The Ravens game up in Baltimore sucked.  Trust me, it did – I was there sitting through every play.  The team got blown out & nothing happened on Offense.  But upon closer inspection, things weren’t as bad as they seemed.  Bmore did nothing great on Offense (with their Starters) either.  And our 1st Team D actually looked pretty good.  Phew!  Okay, the fellas got the kinks out.

Then me and my work buddies go to FedEx for The (Preseason) Home Opener.  And since I was the only Skins fan in our crew, they gave me all kinds of hell in the stands.  Despite that, I intended to chill out & enjoy the ballgame – but the Diehard nature can’t be turned off that easily.  The Skins got me so heated I left the stands to cool off before The Half (and missed the damn Touchdown).  Needless to say, the ballclub didn’t look that sharp last Saturday night.  But they’ll get it together for the ‘dress rehearsal’ against the Bengals.

And that brings us to this Bengals game.  Ugh!

Yes it’s true, The Skins did start slow – boy, did they ever!  And YES, I was frustrated at times.  But some of the stuff I saw fans tweeting was over the top!


And that’s part of my point.  I understand the frustration.  I even understand the apprehension regarding The Team after these performances.  But it’s almost like an institution in DC to push the panic button at the first sign of trouble.  F**k!

Has The Team struggled?  Yes they have.  At times.  But this is the purpose of the Preseason; it’s time to get those kinks worked out.  This Offense needs to find its mojo, no question.  Also keep in mind that Pierre Garçon and Desean Jackson’s departures mean that The Passing Game needs to get sorted out with these new Receivers (Pryor, Doctson).

Remember, The Defense has been retooled as well.  These pieces need time to gel.  Admittedly, The D looks to be further ahead right now, but I believe Jay Gruden knows what he’s doing.  The dude didn’t forget how to Coach.  In my view, The Players do need to get it together & I am convinced that they will.

So let’s all exhale.  We’ve still got two Sundays before the bullets have live ammunition.  Let’s relax, eh?

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