Week 5 in Review: Figuring Things Out

an image of a soldier and a woman figuring things out.
It’s all starting to slowly come together.

We’re starting to get clarity.

After this week’s games, we are beginning to get an idea of who The League’s Players are going to be this season.

For instance, Carolina looks like they’re going to be a factor after Beating the Lions in Detroit.

And maybe Jacksonville is going to be pretty good this year – after all, they beat the Ravens and Steelers.  And they just beat the Favored Steelers in Pittsburgh!

But after all of the excitement and hoopla, the best team in each Conference remains Green Bay and Kansas City.  Could they be on a collision course?

Obviously, it’s too early to make such a definitive statement.  There’s ¾’s of the NFL Schedule left to play, so there’s plenty of time for that darkhorse (or red hot team) to emerge.

The one thing we do know is that the plot thickens.  Just as expected.

And on that note, let’s review the games.


Last Week’s Picks

With the benefit of an existing track record, picking games gets far easier.  Of course it’s never easy.  But trying to determine the matchups’ Winners in September is a fool’s errand.

By October, at least there’s some sort of byline to each team’s season; and the injury factor does help to clarify things further.

In the end though, it just boils down to who ya like.  As I see it, all the numbers do is justify your decision making.

So there you have it; my reasoning on how I make my ridiculous picks.  Let’s get into it.




New York(A) vs Cleveland (Pick’em) (o/u 39.5) – Well whaddiya know?  Nailed the 1st one on the board!  This speaks well of Coach Todd Bowles (former Super Bowl Winning Redskins Free Safety).  By most accounts, the cupboard is pretty empty up in New York, but he has his men playing a tough minded brand of football.  This was a gritty Road Win for his troops.  Because with Houston, Tennessee, & Minnesota their next three Opponents, you know the Browns circled this one on their schedule.  I know Cleveland is Winless, but this will be a squad to contend with down the line.  But it’s obvious that Cleveland won’t be competitive this year.  Looks like they’ll be picking in the Top 5 next April.  Again.

I missed on the over/under, but I gave you the Victor.
New York(A) 17 
Cleveland      14



Tennessee vs Miami  (No Line) – It sure is easy to pick against a team missing it’s Starting Quarterback, right?  Well, yes, but Matt Cassel is a Veteran Quarterback that was supposed to provide much needed insurance to the Titans (in the event of a Marcus Mariota injury).  It was a wise move by Tennessee to grab the Veteran.  So what did he do on Sunday? 21 of 32 for 141 yards (oh, and a strip sack) and 1 Touchdown.  Is that the return on investment the Titans expected?  Coach liked it, but I remain dubious.  Miami on the other hand, benefited from their Defense saving the day.  But wasn’t Cutler supposed to be (in effect) an upgrade over Tannehill?  Doesn’t look like it.  Although the Dolphins Beat the Titans head-to-head, Tennessee appears to be in the best shape moving forward.

Tennessee 10
Miami         16 



Los Angeles(A) vs New York(N) (-3) (o/u 45) – The Giants are finished.  If you can’t even Win the toilet bowl, then it’s time to embrace the phrase “…and with the 1st pick of The NFL Draft, the New York Giants select…”  Look; I know everyone got hurt.  I know you can’t run or stop the run.  I know all that.  But at some point, excuses are excuses.  There is still a in the Win column.  What’re you gonna do about it?  Nothing, apparently.  Los Angeles; props on the Win!  But the coupon thing?  C’moooon maaaaaan.

I’m never trusting the Giants again.  They truly fucking suck.
Los Angeles(A) 27
New York(N)      22 



Arizona vs Philadelphia (-6.5) (o/u 45) – This was an eye opener.  I figured Philly to be pretty good, but they destroyed an Arizona team reeling from some pretty catastrophic injuries.  Sure they limped in to Philly.  And yes, this was a tough ask of a beaten up, aging team.  But I thought they had more to compete with than they had.  Watching this game, you just got the feeling that the Cardinals were being stepped on by a superior foe, and there was no way they could stop it. (Ironically, it might’ve been the best thing for ’em because they saw the need to get better themselves – enter the Adrian Peterson trade)  Philly’s flying high at the moment; there is no denying it.  But their next two tilts tell us how good they really are – A Thursday Nighter in Carolina & a Monday Night Showdown with The Washington Redskins.  As it stands right now, these Eagles are going to be tough to contend with.

Arizona           7 
Philadelphia 34 



Baltimore vs Oakland (-2.5) (o/u 39) – I was just wrong on this one.  I figured Oakland would have enough at Home to stop the Ravens.  Turns out they didn’t.  From what I saw, Baltimore beat their ass from the Opening Kickoff, when they marched right down The Field and Scored a Touchdown.  That let those Raiders know they were in for a long ass day.  And Oakland seems to have lost their way.  This was their 3rd straight loss.  The Raiders are far too talented to spin out like this.  What’s going on out there?  I don’t know, but I do know that I slept on Bmore a little bit.  Maybe getting smacked by their Rival in their own place woke them up.  Because to be sure, they looked a lot more like the Ravens we’re used to seeing.  They’ve got a shot to put it together over the next few weeks, so we’ll see what they’re made of.

Baltimore  30
Oakland     17 



Kansas City vs Houston (Pick’em) (o/u 45.5) – WoW, does that kid have some magic in him or what?  Deshaun Watson makes Houston the team to beat in the AFC South RIGHT NOW.  The Texans were beaten on Sunday Night by the Kansas City Chiefs, but one has to figure that if their Defense had stayed healthy it could’ve gone another way.  On the flip side, KC’s catching all of the right bounces of The Football (and Alex Smith is having an MVP caliber season).  That’s not to discredit them one bit.  It’s simply noting that Kansas City is putting together a monster season.  They get props for Winning every week, regardless of the Opponent (and they have bested some damn good teams).  That was my mistake for picking against ’em.

I told ya to take the over in this matchup. 

(although the game pick was wrong)
Kansas City 42
Houston       34 


The picture is coming ever clearer into focus.

Week 5 Results

ATS: 1-5 (hey. I got one right)

Redskins: 0-0 Bye Week


Quick Hits

The Best Division outside The NFC East is: The AFC West.  It gets tricky over the next few weeks because with teams taking their Bye Week, not all teams in a given Division will play.  And that’s the case here.  Although Denver didn’t play, Kansas City continues their Winning ways, the Chargers get off the schneid, and even though the Raiders are in a bit of a tailspin, they’re still a quality team.  With no Division batting a thousand this week, I have to actually consider the quality of the teams and their performances.


The worst team in The League is: The New York Giants.  There are currently three Winless teams in The NFL. These sorry bastards, the Niners, and the Browns.  San Fran lost a Road Game to the Colts by 3, Cleveland lost at Home to the Jets by 3, while these pitiful Giants lost a Home Game to a Winless Chargers team by 5 points.  You do the math.  New York Giants, you are the worst team in The NFL.

The Best Team in The League is:  The Kansas City Chiefs, until further notice.


Stop Overrating…The Oakland Raiders.  To be fair to them, losing their Superstar Quarterback hurts like hell.  But an odds-on Super Bowl Favorite doesn’t lose 3 games in a row (two by double digits).  Del Rio’s got his work cut out for him, because the Chiefs Game looms in Week 7.  Get it together Oakland!


Stop Underrating…The New York Jets.  That’s right: the Jets!  Look, the Jets have a 3 game Winning streak.  Did you know that?  Not to mention, during that streak they’ve beaten Rival Miami (by 2 Touchdowns), a solid Jacksonville team, and went to Cleveland and took care of the Browns.  While Beating the Browns may not sound like much, they proved that they’re better than the doormat.  The New York Jets have earned some respect; and I intend to give it to ’em.


And If The Super Bowl Was Today…The Green Bay Packers meet the Kansas City Chiefs, in a rematch of the inaugural Super Bowl.  Nothing’s changed on that front.


That’s all for this week.  Personally, it’s always a quiet time in The NFL when The Washington Redskins ain’t playing.  But I enjoyed the week for what it’s worth.

Hell, The Skins didn’t even play and advanced to sitting alone in 2nd Place, with a Monster Showdown against the Philadelphia Eagles coming on Monday Night in Week 7.

You know I’ll be looking forward to that one!

Anyhow, on the Week 6.

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