Week 11: Hard One In The Big Easy

an image of Week 11 SKINSvsNO helmets
The last game vs a Division Leader may be the most difficult yet.

New Orleans is tough this year.  I mean they are tough!!

The Saints sport the 2nd rated Offense in The League.  Big deal, because they’ve always had an explosive Offense.


Well, that’s true.  Sean Payton and Drew Brees teams have consistently been able to put up numbers on anyone.  That’s no surprise.

Hell, these guys are the meat behind the 5th rated Passing Attack in The NFL.  As usual.

No.  What is a surprise is this year the Saints represent the 8th best Defensive unit in football.

Currently the Saints only give up 18.3 Points per game.  And they have only allowed an average of 10.7 Points to opponents in their last 3 ballgames!

Those numbers are good enough to make them the 6th best Scoring Defense overall.

And that ain’t the half of it.

New Orleans can also Run The Football.  They have the 3rd best Rushing Attack in all of football.

What’s more, this team is also riding a 7 game Winning streak – N.O. hasn’t lost since Week 2.  The last time they were beaten was literally 2 months ago!

WoW.  Those are some foreboding numbers for anyone to deal with.  And that’s the book on today’s opponent.

In fact, New Orleans could be the Strongest Opponent that The Redskins have faced this year.  And that’s really saying something.

But these Redskins have dealt with tough competition all year long.  I don’t expect this club to shrink from the fight one bit.

The Skins have shown an ability to go toe-to-toe with the best in The NFL time and again.

That’s an important distinction.

Because once a team has proven itself in big ballgames against top competition, the confidence gained from playing with (and Beating) the best teams out there produces a tangible level of self confidence.

And I truly believe that Washington has that level of self confidence.

The Team hasn’t cried about having to play the schedule from hell.  Nor have they whined about being struck hard by the injury bug (and they’ve been bitten harder than 90% of The League).

Nope.  These guys keep plugging away at it.

And today represents an opportunity to finish the teeth of their slate to date on a Winning note.

The Redskins really need this one.

At a game under .500 (and already into the stretch run), this is where the fellas are gonna need to turn it on.

In a nutshell, The Team needs a Win today.  Bottom line.  They’re the most desperate team in the more precarious position in this matchup.

And that should translate into playing with a superior intensity today.

Interestingly enough, the one number I found on the Saints that is inspiring is that they give up an average of 24 Points per game at Home.

If nothing else, that shows that they can be had in the Superdome.  They ain’t invincible there.

And that’s why I like Washington in The Big Easy today.  New Orleans may have the prettier record & all the flashy numbers, but it’s The Redskins that are the tougher team.

That can’t be faked or misrepresented.  You either are tough or you ain’t.

Washington is tough.  We know that.  And this team is tough enough to go down to the Superdome and put a man sized whuppin’ on those Saints.

I’m not saying New Orleans is a cupcake, ’cause they’re not.  But what I am saying is that The Washington Redskins will prove to be the tougher team on this day.

Book that.

The Skins have done it before and they’re gonna do it again.  (And that’s an N.O. link detailing The Skins going down there and kicking their ass)

The Redskins get a game they must take.

Washington   34 ✓
New Orleans 31

The Team gets a game it has to have when it absolutely needs it!

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