Week 3 Postgame: Move Those Goalposts!

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We may have seen the emergence on Sunday Night of something very special.

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Sunday Night, the ground beneath FedEx Field shifted.

There ain’t no doubt it was shaking, due to how the Washington Redskins ruthlessly beat on the Oakland Raiders for 60 minutes of game time.  The contest itself was a clinic in total domination of an NFL Football Game.

But that’s not the main takeaway from this game (it was sweet, but still not the main takeaway).

No.  The primary consequence of this tilt is the message that was sent to the rest of The League: get ready, because this Washington Redskins team is gonna be one very tough out!  And henceforth, is to be considered a serious Contender.

How can I say that?  Easy.

One must consider Sunday Night’s Opponent – it was none other than the big, bad Oakland Raiders.  Look here; this team is a trendy pick to Win The Super Bowl.  That’s right.  Win The Super Bowl!

Think about that.

This Oakland squad is very legit.  They’ve got one of the Top 3 Offenses in all of football.  Derek Carr is a phenomenal talent at Quarterback.  Their Receivers Amari Cooper & Michael Crabtree are dynamic Playmakers in their own right.  Beast mode Tailback Marshawn Lynch came back from retirement to spearhead this Oakland Backfield (and is considered a Top Rushing Threat still) in his return to football.  And most impressively, many observers consider the Raiders Offensive Line the best in Football.

This ain’t the dregs of The NFL we’re talkin’ about.  These guys are the real deal.

So much so, that Oakland showed up in Landover–the site of FedEx,  as a 4 Point Favorite.  And with that, everybody and their mama had ’em Winning the game.

Then, after all of the Oakland hype, The Skins proceeded to kick the Raiders motherfucking ASS!!!

I mean they whupped the Raiders ass for a full 60 minutes straight!  It was as complete a domination as these Redskins have ever put on an Opponent in the history of playing at FedEx Field.

And yes, I had plenty of fun with the Darth Vader jokes.

Yup, that was good fun.

However in lieu of a standard Postgame post, I intend to submit to you that Sunday Night’s Football Game has permanently moved the Goalposts for Jay Gruden’s Redskins.

Move those Goalposts.  What the hell do I mean by that?

First of all, moving the goalposts is a term that is based in football, but is most commonly used in politics.  See below:
an image of the google result for Moving The Goalposts
This figure of speech is relevant in this context because of what took place in this game.

With how thoroughly The Washington Redskins totally dominated a Top Super Bowl Contender, an adjustment in goals AND expectations is in order.  There is no way that these Redskins could smash a team of the Raiders caliber, yet still consider themselves lucky IF they make it to The Playoffs.

No.  Those days are over.

Let’s remember that this is the same franchise that Won The NFC East 2 years ago and came within a Kirk Cousins interception of going to The Playoffs in back-to-back years.
(and yes, that interception was painful)

I bring this up as proof that The Gruden & Cousins led Redskins have shown that they can compete and Win in The National Football League.  Yes, that is good.  But now is the time to take it up a notch.

Winning is everything.  You know that.  But it’s time to begin talking about Winning something.

You know what I’m talking about.

Just being satisfied with a few Wins & scratching into The Playoffs should now shift to Winning The Division, competing for Homefield Advantage…and you know what comes after that.

I’m not gonna get crazy here; but if this team can consistently play at THIS LEVEL over the lion’s share of The Season, then the sky is the limit.  And consequently the goals & aspirations inside Redskins Park AND among the fans & League Observers should also shift.

Here is the bottom line.  The Washington Redskins are just as much Contenders in The NFC as any other team.  I’m not measuring The Burgundy & Gold against anybody.  Not at all.  But isn’t it possible that this team was a little underrated (even by its own fans?)

I’ll say it right now: this Raiders beatdown has the potential to transform into a catalyst that propels this team to some lofty heights THIS YEAR.

Do I expect that to happen?


In my book, The Redskins, with their emphatic rout of the Oakland Raiders in Week 3, announced it themselves: this team is a Contender!

Buckle up for some serious excitement this season!

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