Week 10 in Review: November Football

an image of the Miami Dolphins vs the New York Jets
The time of year when the wheat is separated from the chaff.

There’s nothing like November Football.  The weather is frigid, the leaves hit the ground, and the football gets intense.

This is that point of the season when the separation begins.  The pretenders run out of steam and we begin to see Contenders pull away from the pack.

We also start to learn which teams are going to climb back into Contention.  September and October may find certain squads starting slow, but November is when it’s time to turn it on.

If any team has designs on getting to The Postseason, then this is put up or shut up time.

Let’s review some ballgames.

Last Week’s Picks

Well, there weren’t any picks last week, or the week prior – I kinda dropped the ball on that.  Once you get off schedule…well, you know what I mean.

Here’s how I did in the game picks.


Green Bay vs Chicago (-5½) (over/under 38)  The Packers showed some moxie!  Going into Chicago headless (without Aaron Rodgers) and beating the Bears was impressive.  Hell, Chicago’s on the come up too.  Maybe Brett Hundley can adequately fill in for the All-Star after all.  It’s pretty likely that he’s earned the trust of his teammates Sunday.

I didn’t see this one coming.  Packers gets props.
Green Bay 23
Chicago    16 




Pittsburgh (-10) vs Indianapolis (o/u 45) – The Colts ain’t very good.  That’s no surprise.  But Pittsburgh being favored by 10 Points in Lucas Oil Stadium was a surprise.  That line bothered me, because I don’t see many Dome Teams get blown out at Home.  That’s why I took Indy in this one (and I figured Jacoby Brissett would play well enough to keep the Colts in it).  I was right on this one.  Cool.

Colts stand up the ‘Burgh, but the Steelers are just better.
Pittsburgh    20
Indianapolis 17 




New Orleans (-3) vs Buffalo (o/u 46.5) – I’ll admit it; the Saints surprised me.  But that’s the beauty of The NFL: whatever you think you know, you’ll have a chance to be proven right OR wrong soon enough.  I say that because I wasn’t entirely sold on the Saints.  More to the point, I didn’t think the Saints were good enough to throttle Buffalo in Western New York!  But they did – hell, they even got Tyrod Taylor fired!  Needless to say, New Orleans is a good team.  (And we’re gonna see how good on Sunday)

Saints rolled em!
New Orleans 47 
Buffalo          10 




The Hated Rival vs Atlanta (-3) (o/u49) – Yaaaaay, the Falcons Beat The Hated Rival!

Hated Rival  7
Atlanta        27 




Bonus Game

New York(N) (-2½) vs San Francisco (o/u 42) – Okay, I think it’s official: the New York Giants are the worst team in The NFC.  Losing to a Winless team kinda seals the deal.  I think everybody knows that Ben McAdoo is a dead man walking.  Thanks San Fran!

Niners get it done. Congratulations!
New York(N)    21
San Francisco 31 

Week 10 Results

ATS: 3-2 (getting it together folks!)

Redskins: 0-1


Quick Hits

The Best Division outside The NFC East is: The NFC South.  Their whole Division Won Sunday!  Yes, even the Bucs Won too.  Don’t look now, but the Dirty might be back.


The worst team in The League is: The New York Giants.  You know why?  Because Cleveland was competitive in Detroit (even though their cupboard is bare).  And New York was Favored in San Francisco.  The only reason these guys are showing up at The Stadium on Sundays is because they wouldn’t get paid if they didn’t.  Awful.


The Best Team in The League is: Minnesota.  I know what you’re thinkin’ – yes, Philly has the best record and is on a roll, but the Vikings looked like a Super Bowl Team in DC on Sunday!  They were the best team I saw all year this past weekend.  I mean that.  These guys are good!


Stop Overrating…The Miami Dolphins.  Seriously, I have no idea how they Won 4 times this year after getting destroyed in Baltimore and Carolina (by a combined score of 85-21).  Going into this year, there was talk about the Dolphins going to The Playoffs.  At this point, that seems very far fetched.


Stop Underrating…The Minnesota Vikings.  I know I keep going on about these guys, but they are clearly the best team that no one is talking about.  Mark my words, look out for the Vikings.  They have the advantage of not having to play under the weight of tremendous expectations (teams do suffer from that – see Raiders, Oakland).


And If The Super Bowl Was Today…I like the Vikings to meet the Pittsburgh Steelers.  It’s looking like the Steelers are in the driver’s seat in The AFC & I don’t see anyone derailing that train.  But it’s the Vikings that could shock people and wind up in The Big Game.  Maybe I’m a little too high on them after clobbering The Skins, but this is a football team capable of doing some great things this year.  If the Super Bowl was today, this is the matchup I think we’d get.

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