Week 15: Playing For Pride

an image of Week 15 ARIvsSKINS helmets
I expect to see The Skins we saw earlier in the year today.

It’s come to this.

Here we are the morning of Week 15 and The Redskins have been eliminated from Playoff Contention (as you can see below).

Yes,that sucks.  But in light of the circumstances, I suppose one could have expected it.

It certainly doesn’t ease the sting of disappointment regarding this season though.  That’s for sure.

[And let me also offer an apology here.  After that awful New Orleans collapse, I kinda fell off from blogging for a sec.  Yes, I admit that the Saints game (& particularly the Hated Rivals game) had plenty to do with it.

That’s no excuse.  But if I’m being honest, watching in horror & disgust as The Redskins season unraveled was difficult.  And blogging about it on top of that was harder than I imagined.  However, if The Team doesn’t Win again this season, I’ll be right here to blog about it.  No more excuses.]


Anyways, on to Arizona.  And in an ironic twist, we see the Cardinals come to town barely on the edge of Playoff Contention themselves.

For those that missed it (I don’t know how) The Skins went down in flames to a homeless Chargers team last Sunday.  That was particularly bothersome, because that game was the week after Washington had been all but eliminated from The Playoffs the week before.

I was disturbed by how little interest The Team had in competing out West.  The Chargers play in a fucking soccer stadium that’s barely bigger than the size of a Division II College’s field.

AND the stands were packed with Redskins fans!

They never made mention of it on TV, but that dark reddish hue to the stands was undeniable.  Yet The Burgundy & Gold played like they didn’t want to be there.

Which was tough to take.

And I brought all of that up because it is relevant to today’s ballgame.

Arizona neeeeeeeds this game!  So it wouldn’t be a surprise if they come to FedEx Field and deliver their best shot this afternoon.  In fact, I expect them to do just that.

While I don’t think they are too formidable an Opponent–hell, their best team was back in 2015 AND they are the oldest team in football–any team with its season on the line is going to fight like hell to preserve their chances.

That much is to be expected.  On their side, I’m sure them & their fans are juiced for this one (and probably smelling blood).

But as I see it, it ain’t about them.  This is about where Washington is as a Program.

Will Washington just melt away from here, losing its way to the finish line?  Would The Team really give way to such a humiliating result?

Or will these Redskins decide that even in a season ambushed by injury and assaulted by an iron fisted schedule, in such a worst case scenario this is still a .500 team.

We will find our answer to this question later today, when the Cardinals and Skins square off.

I [still] believe in The Washington Redskins.  Hell, I AM still a Diehard!

In that vein, I believe we see The Redskins salvage the remainder of their season while playing for pride & beat the Arizona Cardinals.

Arizona        25
Washington 30 ✓

8-8, here we come!

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