Yes. Grown Men Kick Little Boys Asses (Why Pro Football is Better Than College PART 1)

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The Men will always be superior to the boys.  It is the way of things.

Let me help you out real quick.

Do you wanna know a simple method you can use to distinguish if you’re in the south or north?

Just ask a random dude who’s his favorite football team.  Regardless of his answer, pay attention to one crucial element: what type of team does he name?

If he says some kinda school team (college or university), then buddy you is in the south!

And if he mentions the name of a Pro Team, then rest assured you’re indeed in the north.

How do I know this?  Because I lived a dozen years down south.  And believe me, they love their football!  But they like the College game.  In fact, that’s their preference.

Now don’t get me wrong here; I love College Football too.  I watch it every chance I get.  As a matter of fact, I’ve been to more College games than Pro (cuz the tickets are cheaper).

But there is no substitute for Pro Football.  That is the superior game.  Let there be no doubt.

In fact, I’m going to prove it to ya in the span of two posts.  This is the First one.


College & Pro Football Are Two Separate Games

Before we get into this, it’s important that this fundamental distinction is pointed out first.

Although both games involve the same type of ball, dimensions of the field and methods of scoring, they are in spirit two different games.

The difference I’m talking about revolves around two distinct factors that affects Gameplay:

  1. There is a difference in the width of the hashmarks on the field.  In College ball, the hashmarks are wider.  That’s a key difference.  It matters because it directly impacts what type of Offensive Schemes teams run, the Formations teams use, and wider hashmarks spur more Big Plays in the College game. (more on that later)
    In The Pros, the hashmarks are narrowed, in order to make it more difficult on Defenses.  See (it must be mentioned here) because of the difference in the talent level, an NFL Defense playing on a College Field would enjoy a competitive advantage (due to its speed).  It would be quick enough to close the short side of  The Field.  Therefore, it could shift its strength to take away the wide side of The Field.  It matters.I should also point out that the difference in the hashmarks’ width does affect each level’s Kicking Game.  Ironically, those wide hashes make College Kicking one hell of an adventure.  Those angles can be pretty severe for those guys (how many times have you seen a College Kicker miss a 30something yard Field Goal?).

    Whereas in The NFL, you expect a kicker worth his salt to be automatic within 40 yards.  If he ain’t, your Favorite Team will quickly find his replacement.

  2. The clock operation is different.  At the College level, the clock functions nearly identically to how it does in The NFL, but with two key differences:a) In College, the clock stops for every first down to allow for the movement of the chains.  That turns out to be a pretty big advantage for the Offenses, since the complexities of clock management are largely removed from the contest.

    With 3 timeouts, plus clock stoppages for injury, moving the chains, and incomplete passes, there’s no wonder that College games have started approaching FOURS HOURS (with all the Passing involved)
    b) In the Pro game, the clock is automatically stopped twice during games: during the last 2 minutes of each Half.  And with that built-in 2:00 Warning Timeout, the strategy that ensues in the closing stages of NFL matchups virtually reaches the grandmaster level.

    Ballgames are Won and lost every season due to poor Clock Management.  And it’s a skill that is required of every Starting NFL Quarterback, because each game is so important.

    Needless to say, there is no 2:00 Warning in College and the only Clock stoppages in the Pros (outside of 2:00) are for Timeouts, running Out of Bounds, and Incomplete Passes.

    Also, while there are Clock Stoppages for injury, it should be noted that in The NFL, a team is charged a Timeout for injuries inside in 2:00 mark, or assessed a 10 second runoff as a penalty. (It’s in the rulebook; I promise)

Ok.  You got all that?


And even if you didn’t, that’s okay too.

Look, Football is still a game of Blocking and Tackling.  That won’t change as long as we’re playing and cheering this game.

And believe me, ALL levels of Football are fun!  From the little kids running around and into each other on Saturday Mornings, to the icons of The Game butting heads on Monday Nights.  Yes, I do love it all.

But nothing else in sport can touch Pro Football.  It is superior to College because of the increased level of difficulty in playing the Game.  And the strategy of The Game is more complex.

These aspects combine to make it a better variation of the sport.  Because to me, the primary differences that I touched on above spell out my point: since there is an increased degree of difficulty in these two basic areas, that (coupled with a better and more evenly dispersed talent level) make The Pro Game better.

Again (as I’ve mentioned), the differences stated between each level makes for an entirely different game to the close observer.

And the professional version is clearly superior to the amateur one.

In Part 2 of this topic, I’m going to go into specific reasons Pro Football is better than College.  Stay tuned for that.



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