Last Night’s Shift Change

Seriously dog. What happened?

Well, what can I say?

Opening night did not disappoint at all. You gotta love that!

The Kansas City Chiefs, to the surprise of everyone in creation (including all the sharps in Vegas) beat the shuckin fit outta defending The Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots–on national tv–for all the world to see. Okay, beat the ish out of em might be a little strong. But the convincing manner in which they did it certainly made a statement!

So today, I think the question must be asked: are The Patriots over?

I believe the answer is yes. Yes, the era of the New England Dynasty is over.

Why say it based off of one lousy game? Well the point of the matter is how they got beat. Think about it. When is the last time you can remember those guys giving up 21 Unanswered Points in the 4th Quarter? When is the last time the Patriots lost a Home Game when they went into Halftime with the lead? When’s the last time you saw the Pats get stuffed on 4th & 1? Twice!!

I’ll tell you – the last time they got beat after leading at The Half was 88 games ago!

And you KNOW those frontrunning bastards got it down pat (like that?). Even more, those bums didn’t just get beat; they got beat down.  In THEIR house!

Now I know I ain’t the only one that saw the waterloo moment.  Yeah, we all saw it.  But most are willing to give Belichick’s crew the benefit of the doubt. Which is prudent, since it is only Week 1.  To wit:

For context of how rare this was for a team that had appeared to strengthen its roster over the one that won the Super Bowl just seven months ago, consider that the Patriots did not allow more than 31 points in a game last season. Or that Brady was 51-1 at home versus AFC teams since 2007. Or that 42 points were the most allowed ever by a Patriots team in the Bill Belichick era. Or that the Patriots hadn’t suffered a home loss when leading after three quarters in the Brady era (they were previously 105-0).
– Judy Battista,

But not me.  Hell no.

What we all saw Thursday night is unprecedented up there.  It wasn’t just ‘a bad game’.  Oh no.  This one is going to be the-answer-to-future-trivia-questions bad!  Look, it simply must be said – this type’o shit don’t happen to them.  Only this time, it did.

Even further, watching that ballgame brought two things to mind immediately.

1. I did not see a Championship Defense on The Field last night -as well as KC played, I didn’t see it from them either.  Although they did close the game nicely.

2. Offensively, what was the cause of New England’s inability to score? Brady’s inability to make plays, or the Pats Receivers’ inability to get open?

What I know for sure is that none of these issues would have happened to the Championship New England teams of the past. That’s a given.

Last night marked a shift change because those guys with the blue jerseys ain’t the boss they once were.

Even with that said, I still got em running away with the AFC East. And they’re still a good bet to Win 10 games (or more) this year. Them losing a Season Opener isn’t the end of the world.

But it does (symbolically) mark the end of an era.

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