The Eagle Game

Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles (early season)
Time to beat their bird brains out!

Today The Washington Redskins travel up to Philadelphia to butt heads with the Eagles.  And it’s gonna be a tough one – division games are always tough.  Particularly in The NFC East, arguably The NFL’s toughest, most decorated (& most glamorous) division.  

10:06am (3 hours before Kickoff)

It’s funny in an ironic sorta way that Washington’s a 1-point favorite in this matchup, even though The Skins are the road team.  Don’t get me wrong here; I’m glad that they’re favored, since we are the better team at 6-5-1 on the season.  Meanwhile, Philly comes into the day at 5-7.

While that isn’t a strong record for the Eagles, it should be mentioned that the birds are breaking in a Rookie Head Coach & Quarterback.  Naturally, I don’t watch every ballgame of theirs, but to me they’ve been surprisingly good this year.  Not to mention that this represents the 3rd road game in a row for my Skins.  Not good.  Especially since they lost the previous two ballgames as the visitors.  Very not good!

And we need this one too baby – as it stands, The Redskins come into the day as the 7th seed in The NFC (in terms of playoff positioning).  The bad news is that only the top 6 get in, so there’s work left to do.  And honestly, the Eagles show up at the perfect time.  We’ve Won our last 4 games in a row against those suckas [Yo, they’re kinda like our go-to gal.  You know that chick that is just down for you?  Anytime you need a little kitty, no matter what time o night it is, you can always give her a holla].  So yeah, it’s good to see the Eagles on deck.

And dammit, we better Win.  Not only because we need the game: you know, getting into the playoffs and all.  But the irony is that I work with a lotta Eagles fans, even though I live and work in the home territory of The Redskins (shit, there are a gang of Ravens fans on the job too).  Matter-of-fact, I’m the only Skins Fan at work.  Well, there’s one other dude, but he ain’t into football like that.  So it’s just me.  And I want nothing more than to stick it to those guys come Monday morning.  Because if we drop this one, they’re gonna give me hell.  Count on that.

Oddly enough, I didn’t put any dough on the game.  Normally in these circumstances, I’d have something on it – nothing crazy, just enough to have the last laugh come Monday.  But the deal for me this time around is I just wanna see the boys Win.  That’s all.  I’m keeping it short and sweet like that.

So on Gameday morning I pen this post as I drink my coffee, just hoping for a Redskins Win.  Hopefully, come about 4:30 this afternoon, Daddy will be happy & content with a Washington Redskins Victory.

Cuz like I said…we need this one.

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