Redskins Fans: We Need To Talk

Redskins Fans Let's Talk
I need to get serious with you for a moment.

Listen, it’s important for me to get this off my chest.  I got a serious problem.  And it’s with Redskins fans.  The thing is I don’t even have beef with most of you.  But I’m definitely pissed off at some of you.  No doubt about it.

Let me explain.

See, my beef ain’t with casual or fair weather fans.  If you’re a lukewarm B&G backer, cool.  My Mom is the biggest fair weather fan in world.  And she’ll tell you that.  In fact, she proudly says “I only like the Skins when they’re doing good!”  Ain’t that some shit?

And to me, that’s cool.  Because I know that not everyone breaks for Redskins Football.  Only some of us do (you know, the types that read blogs like this).  And if your level of support is so-so, I can deal with that.  Know why?  Because it’s honest.

No, my beef is with a different type of fan.  You know, the ones who claim they’re Redskins Fans, but always have a bad word to say about ’em.  And there’s those fools that act like they’re SOOOO long suffering & persecuted for cheering The Team!  Also there’s the hapless souls that walk around town like they’re a punching bag.  You know, the types that invite abuse & expect to be scorned for cheering The Squad.  Those bastards might as well have an “I’m a Skins Fan – kick me” sign on the back of their jersey. Hmph. Pussies.

I don’t like any of ’em!

Why?  Because that’s bullshit!!  Why the fuck should you EVER apologize to ANYONE for your loyalties?  That is treason.  Simple and plain.  You should never (ever!) feel the need to explain who you are to any man, or woman.  Ever.  If they don’t like who you support – tough.  That’s on them.  But it should never stop your thuggin.  Feel me?

Here’s the thing: you can be a nice, kind, and decent person.  You could be the type to open doors for old ladies and rescue strays.  Hell, you might even practice random acts of kindness as company policy.  Good shit.  And I guarantee you that there is someone (most likely some people) in this world that hate your fucking guts.  Period.  Ain’t no reasoning with them or killing them with kindness.  Their attitude towards you never changes.  It’s always fuck you.

Obviously you didn’t need me to tell you that.  But I do feel the need to remind you of this, since it relates to our topic.  Namely, if you tell 10 random football fans when they ask that you are a Redskins Fan, a few of them may talk a little shit.  Some may hassle you about the name thing.  Some may proceed to tell you why The Redskins suck.

SO WHAT!!  This is your team.  It ain’t theirs.

I remember a time (long long ago) when Redskins fans were considered proud and classy.  We were a faithful, staunchly supportive bunch that was the envy of less fortunate fanbases.  It’s true.

Clearly that time is over.

What I see now are too many “we-suck-and-we’re-always-gonna-suck-because-of-________” fans.  You know, the type that call you a homer, like they’re calling you a motherfucker (They mean it as an insult).  Or they say to the folks that want to cheer the team positively that they’re kool aid drinkers.  And they say it in a way that insinuates that these people are retarded.  Or crack whores.  And too often the ones talking this way are Redskins Fans!

And I’ve had it with that.

See, this blog is about Football (and life, occasionally) through the eyes of a Diehard Washington Redskins Fan.  Know this going in.

But man I gotta tell ya, it can get quiet out here.  It’s not too often I come across a true Diehard.  And I live in The Washington Capital area!  If I’m being honest, there are times when I think the lean years have taken their toll.  And I’m the only believer left.

Then I befriend people like the #RedskinsTweetTeam.  And I keep my faith in us.

But I won’t lie, there are times when Redskins Nation has me wondering…do you still sing Hail To The Redskins?

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