Week 2 in Review: Off to a Good Start

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Off to a pretty good start!

I love Mondays during Football Season.  It’s great because for years I couldn’t wait to get to school & chop it up about all the games on Sunday with the fellas.  Those are some of my best memories.

Later as an adult, those Mondays were even more fun because men bet on the action!  Believe me, there’s nothing quite as sweet as showing up for work Monday morning and a dude humbly handing over the cheddar.

For me Mondays are for kickin’ it about the games, talking shit, and each fella giving his opinion on this or that game development.  Or player, or team.  And everything in between.  The fellowship over Football is half of the fun really.  Because if I became a millionaire tomorrow, I might need to get me a job washing cars somewhere or something.  I just gotta have those Mondays during The Season!

And blogging definitely scratches that itch (to an extent).  Except here, Mondays are everyday.

As for the game played during Week 2, there were plenty of surprises.  And an Early Season surprise or two isn’t all that unusual for the first couple’a weeks into the year.  I have found that things normally start to shake out around Week 5.  That’s when you’ve got a bit of a track record to base a point of view on.  But excitement is the name of the game, so let’s get to it.

Last Week’s Picks

[Sigh] Well here we go.  Yeah, I did okay picking straight up (screw you Cincinnati!), but the spread beat my ass!  Ugh.  Anyways, let’s survey the damage.


Houston vs Cincinnati (-5) (over/under 38) – Boy did Andy Dalton screw me!  I honestly can’t believe how poorly he played.  And as pissed as I was about it, I think Ken Zampese has the bigger gripe.  I mean c’mon; you let a Rookie Quarterback in his first start come to your house and beat you on Thursday Night?  WoW.  After that fiasco, boy did Bengals fans go ham on Twitter:

Which I can understand.  I’m just miffed because of all the picks, this was supposed to be the safe one!  Oh well.  That’s picking games in the NFL for ya.  They zig when you’re convinced they should zag.  As you can tell by now, I lost this one.

Houston     13
Cincinnati    9 ✓ (-5)


Cleveland vs Baltimore (-7.5) (o/u 41) – I can’t say the Ravens stomping on the hapless Browns in Baltimore is much of a surprise.  I was wrong about the extent of the outcome, but I definitely ain’t surprised.  Yeah, I thought Cleveland would show up at M&T to prove a point, but the only point that got proved is that they’re still a ways off yet.  But I still got the Browns beating Baltimore or Pittsburgh once before the season ends.  These Browns ain’t the punching bag they once were – hell, I know Hugh Jackson is a good Coach.  If he gets the time, Cleveland will be back.  Eventually.  And at least Vegas agrees: they’ve installed the Browns as a Road Favorite for Week 3!  As for the Ravens, what can be said that isn’t already known?  Well maybe one thing; this looks like the best Defense they’ve had since Ray Lewis hung up his cleats.  10 Points allowed and 10 Turnovers Forced in 2 weeks?  Dammit!  Of course I had Bmore Winning, but I thought Cleveland would keep it close.  Crap.

But I was right about the under!  34 Total Points  (o/u 41)

Cleveland  10 ✓
Baltimore  24 (-7.5)


Arizona (-7.5) vs Indianapolis (o/u 42.5) – Damn.  Losing David Johnson really hurt the Cards.  Even worse, with Carson Palmer in full fledged decline & Fitz over the hill, what are they gonna do for points?  I really screwed up this pick because I didn’t think it through!  Well, I based my pick on the sorry-ass Colts.  My bad Indy, but it’s true.  To be even more honest, I think Chuck Pagano is the 1st NFL Head Coach that will get canned this season (although Marvin Lewis may crash that party).  That’s how little I think of Indianapolis’s team (no offense).  But I figured an old-ass-shell-of-themselves Arizona team would walk into Lucas Oil Stadium & put the smack down on the Colts.  Nope.  To their credit, the fightin’ Paganos showed some pride!  They battled the birds tooth and fucking nail, all the way into Overtime.  And luckily the Honey Badger saved zona‘s bacon, making a Game Winning Pick.  So yeah, the Cardinals Won (by the hairs on their chinney chin chin).  But they didn’t cover.  Unbelievable!

Arizona         16 ✓ (-7.5) 
Indianapolis 13     Final/OT


New York(A) vs Oakland (-14) (o/u 43.5) – Man, the Jets suck!  Seriously New York?  That’s what I get for showing you guys a little faith?  What a disappointment dog.  I see why the fireman stopped cheering y’all.  What is so…sad is that the whole world treated you like the Homecoming Team going into Oakland to play the Raiders – and you promptly proved everyone right and played like the Homecoming Team.  Damn.  That shit is just…yeah, sad.  Looks like it’s gonna be another long year in New York.  So when do the Patriots show up in the Meadowlands again?  As far as the Raiders are concerned, I’m glad they Won, because The Skins get em next in DC.  And that ballgame would be miles tougher with them coming off an upset loss.  But this was a layup & everyone knew it.  I banked on New York keeping it close. Hmph!  My mistake.  Raiders crushed the spread.

Oakland         45 (-14)
New York(A) 20 


So read em & weep.

Week 2 Results

ATS: 0-4 (OUCH!)

Redskins: 1-0 (Yaaay!)

Quick Hits

The Best Division outside The NFC East is: The AFC West.  Denver stomped the shit outta The Hated Rivals, Kansas City beat Philly in a dogfight & the Raiders put up video game numbers in a layup drill.  The Chargers, the Division’s only loss, were defeated at Home in a nail-biter.  Pretty good stuff.


The worst team in The League is: WoW, there are so many contenders!  But right now the worst of the bunch are the New York Jets.  How competitive have the Jets been?  That’s a joke.  They lost by 9 to a Division Rival in Week 1, then got smoked out West by 25 Points.  Dang.  Take a look at their schedule (and try not to laugh): The schedule of Week 2 worst team
Where is the Win?  Seriously, because I don’t see it either.  Let’s face facts here; the Jets got no Quarterback, no heart, & no hope!

Hell.  At least the Yankees are going to the playoffs.



The Best Team in The League is: The Denver Broncos.  Do I really believe they are the best right now?  No.  But they’ve beaten two Quality Opponents (even if both games were a Mile High in Colorado), which is more than any other unbeaten can say right now.  For Week 2, Denver holds the crown.


Stop Overrating…The Hated Rivals. You know, that Texas team (whose name will never be mentioned on this blog!).  They got exposed in Denver yesterday afternoon, and are due for a course correction year.  So stop with that Super Bowl talk already!


Stop Underrating…The Jacksonville Jaguars.  This team can Run, play a little Defense, & has a ton of young talent.  If the ball bounces their way, we could be looking at a Darkhorse Contender for the AFC South Crown.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if they make some noise in spurts; like this Sunday in London.


And If The Super Bowl Was Today…The Seattle Seahawks would meet the Denver Broncos.  That’s all subject to change (of course), but right now that would be the most likely scenario – but I could just as easily see Pittsburgh in that AFC slot too.  Notice anyone missing?


That’s it for Week 2.  I had fun, and I hope you did too.
(Sheesh, I gotta go back & get my hustle right with these picks against the spread)

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