Week 2: Picks and Predictions


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Can you believe it?  Week 2 is here already!  I gotta tell ya, these Thursday Night Football games still mess with my internal clock.  I’m sayin – on the one hand having a Football Game to come home to is great!  But I’m not too sure if it’s in the public interest to play these games.  I’ve talked about this before, so I won’t rehash it here.

Anywhooo, since this is the beginning of Week 2, this is gonna be the Pick Em post.  And 1st up is tonight’s matchup.

(NOTE: these Point Spreads are courtesy of ESPN)

Houston vs Cincinnati (-5) (over/under 38)
image of HOU vs CIN Helmets

I know the Texans are the Road Team, but my freakin’ Houston helmet only has the logo on the left side (crap!).  Anyways, The Texans got such a bad performance out of their “starting” Quarterback Tom Savage, that they look to be practically forced to start their Rookie Pick Deshaun Watson.  Uh-oooooo!

And it’s not like Cincinnati fared any better, getting shut out AT HOME to the Baltimore Ravens.  Hah. (And you thought we were in trouble after Week 1 eh?  Not even by a long shot.)  Anyways, Dalton and the Bengals have the advantage in this matchup, since he’s actually Won an NFL Game before.  And they’re playing at Home, which is typically is the difference on Thursday Nights.

Truth is, I don’t know who’ll be taking snaps for the Texans & I don’t care.  They’re gonna lose.  And the Bengals WILL cover.  Easily.

Houston     9
Cincinnati 30 



Cleveland vs Baltimore (-7.5) (o/u 41)
Image of CLE vs BAL Helmets

Okay.  We all know Cleveland’s going to lose here.  The fact of the matter is that the Ravens are the better team.  Plain and simple.  The interesting thing about this ballgame is that I expect the Browns to keep this thing close.  If you love Defensive Football (& I’m partial to it myself), then you’ll love this matchup!

I expect a physical ass, hard hitting, low scoring affair.  Sheesh, if only it were cold!  No matter, because this one will be one of the better 1 o’clock games on Sunday.  In the end Bmore gets it done.  But closer than the experts think.

Baltimore Wins, but take the under!

Cleveland  16 ✔
Baltimore  20 



Arizona (-7.5) vs Indianapolis (o/u 42.5)
Image of AZ vs INDY Helmets

Folks, the Colts suck.  I mean they fucking suuuuuuuuuck!  In fact as it stands right now, they are THE WORST team in The League.  And I don’t see that statement as being news.  You heard it here 1st: Chuck Pagano will be the first Coach canned this Season.  It might even happen during The Season.  That’s how bad Indy is.

The Cardinals on the other hand, are an aging contender that was hit with a calamitous injury to their best Player David Johnson.  That’s really unfortunate, because he’s the best player you’ve probably never heard of.  That kinda torpedoes their season right off the bat, although Sunday’s matchup will be more like a scrimmage.  Easy money.

Cards roll.

Arizona         38  ✔
Indianapolis 23

New York(A) vs Oakland (-14) (o/u 43.5)
Image of NYJ vs OAK Helmets

You know what?  I’ve always liked this matchup.  Especially when the Raiders host.  I don’t know why – not a fan of either team, but some matchups you just like, ya know?

On to the game.  14 points?  Are you fucking kidding me!?  Look, I know the Jets are bad, but this is disrespectful!

For the uninitiated, in NFL Handicapping terms (you know, betting) a Touchdown is considered a pretty clear difference.  Anything more than a Touchdown is a definitive statement of one team’s superiority over another.  Therefore a 14 point spread is like saying you like your neighbor (the marine) to kick that chubby 8th grade kid’s ass.  Get my drift?

Anyways, New York does look to be overmatched here.  But this is The NFL.  The phrase “Any Given Sunday” was coined with matchups like this in mind.

The Jets are gonna go out west & start a dogfight with Oakland.  But sadly, they don’t have enough to get it done.

The Raiders will Win, but New York beats the spread.

New York  29  ✔
Oakland    37 


I know.  I’m leaving one game conspicuously out of the Pick Ems.  That’s because this is a Redskins Blog.  I break down our matchup in a separate post.

So here’s how I”m gonna do this: I’ll keep a running tally of my picks both straight up & against the spread.  And we’ll all see how well (or how poorly) I do.  And this post is just the beginning of the conversation.  I want to see your picks down below.

Don’t be scared; speak up!

My Season so far

ATS: 0-0

Redskins: 0-1 (of course I had em Winning Sunday!)

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4 thoughts on “Week 2: Picks and Predictions

  1. Im suprised you gave the colts 23 points. Wow

    • Thanks Aaron for your comment.

      Now it’s true, I do believe that the Colts are gonna struggle all year long. However they are playing in their Home Opener. And sometimes that home cookin’ can inspire even the lowliest teams.

      And bear in mind that this will be Arizona’s 2nd time in two weeks crossing the Mississippi to play a Road Game. That’s tough on any club(!) but will be especially taxing on the oldest team in the National Football League.

      Indy will be feisty in their Dome. They won’t Win, but they will keep it interesting.

  2. Naw i say 17 at most but leaninf towards 10. I also agree with your pics but i think the texans game will be a close game and ravens win by 10

    • Thing is, the Cincy-Texans game shouldn’t be close, with Houston starting a Rookie QB on The Road.

      If it is, then that’s a strong indictment of Cincinnati’s Program. And in a bad way!

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