Week 2 Shoutouts: The Up-And-Coming

An image of a crowd doing a Football cheer in the stadium
Let’s give a shout to the new talent on the scene.

Don’t you just love the flow of Football Season?  It’s so nice & orderly.  You go about your business & before you know it, the weekend’s here.  And it’s Gametime.  Again!  Ain’t life grand?

Yeah, right!  If only time passed by that smoothly.  And hell, after The B&G dropped the season opener, time couldn’t be going slower.

That’s where we step in.  You know, the folks that follow, report, tweet, talk, and opine about all things Redskins.  Truthfully there are plenty of us out here – a chicken for every pot, ya dig?  And again, there’s a dude (or a gal) in cyberspace or over the airwaves that can satisfy your itch for football talk and/or coverage.  The trick is finding the right type of content for you.

But I got ya covered.

I know you love this blog more than your kids (right?) and can’t wait for each new update.  That’s cool.  I appreciate ya.

But if that’s not the deal – or if you just like a little variety, then that’s cool too.  Because today I wanna share some new talent with ya.  These guys ain’t household names in the DMV yet, but they’re getting there.

So without further ado, let’s meet ’em.


Urban Sports Scene

I’ll let these gentlemen speak for themselves.

Urban Sports Scene is a sports show based out of the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). The sport show provides youthful and fresh insight into all sports.

Urban Sports Scene
That Citi Cool.

These guys got over 300 episodes and over 32,000 downloads on the books folks.  Truth be told, they certainly don’t need my help!  But in case you haven’t come across these fellas yet, try ’em out.

For more information, visit their site at http://waleo.podbean.com/ and follow them on Twitter at @UrbanSportScene.


Working Title Podcast

This here is the brainchild of one dude, Ian Sigman.  He’s an ambitious guy outta DC that’s building some serious momentum.  At Week 2 of The Season, he’s already got 16 tracks, with his fresh take on the Season Opener that dropped less than 24 hours ago.

Here he is

an image of the Working Title Podcast
Get in on the ground floor folks.

Right now Ian’s got 16 tracks and 42 followers, but at the rate he’s going, he’ll have those numbers crushed by Midseason.  Check him out at https://soundcloud.com/podcastworkingtitle and on Twitter at @PodWorkingTitle.  

Sports On The Hill

I love that name!  Pretty clever.  Here is a podcast that actually houses 2 sites on the same platform (that’s something I’ve never seen before).  Now these fellas have been around the block, with roughly 2 years and just about 120 episodes.  DC guys, they do all the locals – so check them out for their take on Pro Sports in DC.

Sports on the hill header
Your one-stop shop for DC sports

For more info, check out their website at http://www.webngames.com/ and catch them on Twitter at .


That’s all for this week’s edition of DC’s Got Talent.  So whaddiya think?  Who do you like?  Let me know in the comments.

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