Week 2: Skin The Lambs!

image of Redskins and Rams Helmets
Alright Redskins, let ’em have it!

Gameday.  That magical, euphoric time.

Today, the Washington Redskins take on the Los Angeles Rams at the L. A. Memorial Coliseum in a late day tilt.  And later on today, I fully expect The Redskins to get their hustle right by beating up on these Rams.

But due to last Week’s loss, there are too many Skins Fans acting skittish and fearful.  Yes LA get their very good Defensive centerpiece Aaron Donald back on The Field for this afternoon’s ballgame.  But so what?  Just adding a dude that ended his holdout early into The Season will not mean the difference between Winning and losing.

What does matter to me are three key areas:

1. Offensive Rhythm 

Gruden needs to get this Offense going today.  While we know that The Redskins under his watch have been a slow starting team, I expect to see a team that executes a crisp, sound game plan.  Not only does the Blocking need to be on point today (since the Rams do have a strong Defense), but the Passing game needs to be efficient in order to open up lanes in The Rushing Game.  Fat Rob can have a big day only if LA fears getting burned by Jordan Reed, Terrelle Pryor, and Jamison Crowder.  The Air Attack will be key today.

If Washington’s Passing Game operates with the efficiency we know that its capable of, then the scoreboard should light up in a BIG way.  If not, then this one could be close contest throughout.  And that would be giving away a crucial advantage.


2. Setting An Aggressive Early Tone Defensively

Here’s where I believe The Redskins will shine.  While (former Redskins Offensive Coordinator) Sean McVay has proven himself to be a skilled Playcaller, we do know that this dude is more of an air-it-out Passing guy than Jay Gruden is.  And that’s saying something!  Although they have Todd Gurley, their former 1st Round Draft Pick in The Backfield, the challenge Defensively lies in stopping their Aerial Attack.

And that begins with getting plenty of Pass Rush Pressure up front.  Mark my words, if Ryan Kerrigan, Preston Smith, and Junior Galette can duplicate the amount of pressure they got on The Passer they did last week again today, we’ll be singing Hail To The Redskins all night long!  Stated plainly, the key matchup on Defense is making certain that Jared Goff gets bottled up.  That’s the vital component to a Skins Win Defensively.

3. Winning The Battle Of Intensity

This point is my biggest area of concern, because what I saw last week deeply troubled me.  Namely an Opponent come to FedEx Field that wanted to Win The Game more than The Redskins did.  And that intensity was palpable.  This development cannot happen again in Los Angeles.

Today we should see a Redskins Football Team show up in The Coliseum and bring the fight to the host Rams.  Since LA began their season with a Win & Washington was humbled by a Home loss, there should be a sense of clear urgency in The Visitors on The Field.

That matters because that little extra motivation permeates through the performance of an entire squad.  It helps The Defense stiffen on key 3rd Downs.  It helps the Special Teams on Punt Coverage.  It affects The Playcalling, inspiring a more aggressive  go-for-the-throat  style that does translate into performance on The Field.

With The Washington Redskins bringing a higher level of intensity to LA today to face the Rams, they are sending a clear message that we came to Beat you.  And with that kind of attitude permeating throughout The Team, they will Win the ballgame.  It’s the biggest key to today’s matchup: do The Skins want it more?

We’ll see.


My Prediction

I got The Redskins being up for today’s test.  The team will challenge the Rams in a manner that the Indianapolis Colts did not.  I expect to see The Team to jump on top of the Rams early and maintain their advantage from wire-to-wire.  While the Rams do make a late charge and tighten things up (hey, it is The NFL), The Visitors will prove that they’re no match for the Home Team.

All-in-all, it will be a Washington Redskins Victory over the Los Angeles Rams.  I Predict a 10 Point Win.

Washington   34 ✔
Los Angeles  24


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