Week 3: Picks and Predictions

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Week 3 is upon us. From here, The Season is like a finger painted landscape portrait: all fuzzy and blurred. As we move forward, each succeeding week brings forth clarity – like a high grade camera lens sharpening the image into focus. And we as fans are the lucky ones.

We get to enjoy the drama unfold in a chain of violent collisions, with each ballgame’s Winner staking a claim towards the next season.

Who’s gonna participate in that next season? Although we have some idea (maybe we’re sold on 3 or 4 squads), the real treat lies in watching the musical chairs of cities stepping up & getting knocked back off by their rivals.

Yes! Competition in the purest of its forms.

In that regard you’re damn right every single game is important.  Hell, fall asleep against an inferior opponent early in the year and that could mean the difference between qualifying (or missing) The Playoffs.

Crunch time is now!

Having said that, there are a couple’a high stakes games on tap for this weekend. Let’s take a look at a couple of em, shall we?

(NOTE: these Point Spreads are courtesy of ESPN)


Baltimore (-4) vs Jacksonville (over/under 39)
Image of Baltimore vs Jacksonville helmets

Trust me.  I know I’m thuggin it with this pick.

Baltimore has played some outstanding ball thus far, particularly on Defense. Even though it was against the dregs of the AFC North, there’s something laudable about knocking your 1st two Opponents clean out. But the flip side is that the Ravens ain’t been tested yet. One has to wonder what happens when they meet a team coming down the pike that fights back. That’s not to say that Bmore ain’t tough; but it has to be said that they’re beating up on wimps.

Enter Jacksonville.  Them beating Houston like they did to open things told me these ain’t those same ol’ Jags.  And this London game is really one of their Home Games.  This may be that year where the Jags get things rolling. Me gets the feeling that there is an upset at play here, so I’m picking the upset!

Jacksonville earns the surprise of the day, in the early morning.

Baltimore      16
Jacksonville 19 ✓



New York(N) vs Philadelphia (-6) (o/u 43)
Image of New York vs Philadelphia helmets

What the hell is up with New York?  Besides their inability to pass, run, block, score, & defend, they might be alright this year.  The ugly defeat on Monday Night has uhhhh…readjusted expectations a bit.  Thing is, if a team (any team) has a substandard Offensive Line<—-with a hole at Left Tackle, a hole at Running Back, and a (seemingly) washed up Wideout opposite their Superstar, then a reasonable observer could have seen these struggles coming.  But I digress.  Here it is G-men: if you are going to have a season then this ballgame is a Must Win.  Yes, in Week 3.

Enter the Philadelphia Eagles.  Those (punk bastards!) beat The Burgundy & Gold in a tough Division game, then went on the Road and gave Kansas City 60 minutes of hell before falling.  I hate to admit it, but that Pederson fella can Coach.  Of course everybody in Philly takes heat, but he goes for gold every time I’ve seen his teams play.  And Pederson’s better than his Sunday counterpart.  That, I know.  And he’s got the best Defensive Line in The Division, hands down.  Which would seem to spell trouble for his Opponent.

But a desperate team is a dangerous team.  And the Giants are absolutely desperate!  That’s why I like em this week.  I have no idea how they’ll block or score, but they will find a way to get it done.  New York shocks Philly at Home & beats the spread.

New York      17 ✓
Philadelphia 13



Denver (-3) vs Buffalo (o/u 40.5)
Image of Denver vs Buffalo helmets

The Broncos are smokin’ to start the season!  With two big Wins at Home, they take to the Road for the 1st time in their season.  Trevor Siemian has played some quality ball & that Defense is thumping people!  But all bets are off on the Road.  Will the Broncos be up for their 1st Road test?

Conversely, Buffalo has had something of an interesting start.  Sure they got a big Home Win (isn’t every Win big?) in the Division, but lost a tough Road test to the Panthers Sunday.  To be fair, Winning in Carolina is a tough ask.  But 3 points is all the Bills could muster?  I know they’re rebuilding in Orchard Park, but a visiting Denver team represents an opportunity to do some barking.  Can Buffalo take advantage?

I don’t think so.  The bottom line is that I expect the Broncos to roll.  No disrespect towards the Bills (because they can play Defense), but I don’t see a close game.  Denver Wins.  And covers.

Denver   21 ✓
Buffalo  10

Cincinnati vs Green Bay (-9) (o/u 44.5)
Image of Cincinnati vs Green Bay helmets

I feel for ya Bengals fans.  Cincinnati is in shambles!  I haven’t heard anything good coming out of the Queen City yet.  It seems like the worst thing to happen to these tigers was losing last Thursday & having to wait a week & a 1/2 to get back on The Field.  That’s a long time a let a bad loss fester.  Then again, there could be a rage building pressure like a tightly would coil.  And Green Bay could catch that spring shot!

On the other hand, beating the Packers in Lambeau may not be impossible.  But it’s just about the closest thing to it.  With these Packers coming off of a tough loss to Atlanta themselves….c’mon.  Green Bay’s gonna kick Cincy’s fuckin ass.  I won’t sugarcoat it.

Pack in a romp.  Easy money! (Prove us wrong Bengals!)

Cincinnati    6
Green Bay  38 ✓



That’s how I’m livin’ this week party people!  What do you think?  As always, please let me know in the comments section.

I know.  The last pick is a layup.  But just because that one’s an easy call doesn’t mean I take the easy route every time.  How many of y’all got Jacksonville over the Ravens huh?  Remember, this is a week-to-week League.

And you have my word; Diehard Otis will always call em like I see em.  Stay tuned.

My Season so far
OVERALL: 3-1 (damn you Cincinnati!)

ATS: 0-4

Redskins: 1-1

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8 thoughts on “Week 3: Picks and Predictions

  1. First and foremost, I’m going to need you to stop hating on my Baltimore Ravens. My team has proven that we are competitive every year for the past 2 decades, can your team say that????? Its always you typical fucking DEADSKIN fans always throwing shade on my boys because your team has sucked for the past 30 fucking years. You literally have a ring of honor of dead or crippled dudes. You have zero highlight clips worth showing from the last 5 seasons. Fucking week 1 you were all high and mighty on the Bengals now you have Green Bay crushing them this week with ZERO defense or anything that resembles a running game. Now all of a sudden Jacksonville is a team to be scared of. You sound like Chris Collinsworth….. a guy makes one play and all of a sudden he has the best hands in football. Get a grip dude and recognize that there is only one real team in Maryland and it aint the DEADSKINS. Funny how you didn’t make a prediction on your OWN game. Is that because of the ass whippin you are about to take at home to the Raiders?????? HMMMMMMMMM… I think a lot of your OWN skins fan would agree with that. Face it your team starts slow, continues slow, and finishes last.

    • Hahaha, my main man Ryan. Thanks for checkin’ back in!

      For starters, it is important to address this now: I prefer to post my previews on gamedays. You can find it here:

      Next, I’m not hating on the Ravens. But c’mon, they’re the second fiddle round these parts. The most popular team in the Mid-Atlantic region is The Washington Redskins! Period. And here’s the proof:
      (notice fewer of your emblems in that shot)

      But buddy: 44 to 7? That immediately causes a significant readjustment of expectations. The Ravens may not be as good as you have been led to believe.

      In retrospect, it was wise to pick against them.

      • What a second homey!!!!!!!! Why can’t you make a prediction on your boys when your critiqueing everybody else?? Let’s be fair about this broski!!!!!! Not to mention you only make predictions on a handful of games.

        Secondly, your interactive map article is from 2 years ago. Grant it I don’t think we made that much of an impact over those 2 years but just making an observation. Your team has been around since 1932 and only gathered 3 bowls in that 85 year span. Dog you guys average a trophy on a 28.3 year average!!! Really!!!!

        To your last point, yes the Ravens got their asses beat in London today. Not arguing that. However, as I told you before the game I’m without my starting nose tackle and starting (all pro) right guard. The difference between your boys and mine is the fact that when I lose it’s because of underlying circumstances such as new oc, major injuries, suspensions etc. Your boys just lose like it’s a tradition. When’s the last time there was a super bowl celebrated in landover?????? I’ll wait……… The only thing remember able about your team is the fight song 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

        I guess buffalo,Chicago, jets, and saints are greats team now too huh 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾🖕🏾

        • Okay Ryan. You have me on not picking a score in my game – ya got me.

          Although I can assure you that I’ve been beating the drum ALL WEEK (mainly on Twitter) that The Skins were gonna Beat the Raiders. I maintained that consistently throughout the week leading up to last night’s game.

          Hey, I’m a Diehard!

          And seriously; more Skins hate? [Sigh], I gotta tell ya the truth man: Washington’s better than Baltimore. That’s just the way it is.

            – We have beaten better Opponents
            – We play in a tougher Division
            – The Redskins have more talent than the Ravens on both sides of the ball
            – Last season, when we met head-to-head (in Baltimore) we Won on YOUR Home Field!

          So to me, that stuff is just hate Broh. I have nothing against the Ravens per se, but Washington is superior.

          End of story.

          • My main man Otis. What’s up bro!!!!!! I totally understand that you have been a huge supporter of your boys. No doubts there. I just would like to see you put a number on it ahead of time. That’s all.

            Onto your hilarious stats 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. The deadskins beating anyone is hilarious. Second there’s definitely it many tougher divisions than the AFC North. Your division is full of old outdated teams that glory days were 20 years ago. Name one accomplishment from your division in the last 5 years….. I’ll wait 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👌🏾👌🏾

            But nonetheless I still got love for ya bro!!!!

          • Ryan,

            You’re a great dude man. I appreciate all of your comments. Most of all, I appreciate you critiquing my efforts on this blog (hey, we all need to hear the unvarnished truth).

            I just want you to know that I do hear you loud & clear: I will start picking a final score to my games – you’re right. It’s only fair.

            And I believe The Washington Redskins will go 10-6 this year (11-5 is a distinct possibility) & go to The Playoffs. There is a good team flying under the radar in Washington.

            As for “The deadskins beating anyone is hilarious”, did you see that Sunday Night Game? Washington sure put it on the Oakland Raiders!

            But stay tuned: this looks to be a fun season.

  2. Agreed!!! You guys put it on the Raiders on Sunday, no doubt about it. Sunday was just a weird day league wide. First, you have the anthem protests then almost every game was a shocking upset. Not to take any credit away from the Skins, but it was just a terrible Sunday.

    My boys didn’t even make it to the airport. We looked that horrible. Flacco clearly is still having issues with his health and the abundance of long term injuries definitely made itself apparent. Not to mention, it look as if my receiver corp may be slightly overrated. Nobody seems to be able to get open. Hats off to the Jags. They do have a good young team. They are not the Jags of old and will make some noise if they gain the right momentum.

    • Yes, Sunday was a BIG Win! And I think it has the potential to get somethin’ started. From here going forward, expectations of The Team must be adjusted upwards.

      We know this is a week-to-week League. So that Baltimore loss (while embarassing) shouldn’t have any lingering effects. But this is a tricky time to catch the Steelers though.

      As for Jacksonville; they always play well in London (I gotta feeling they’re putting themselves in position to be that London team). And playing with low expectations IS a competitive advantage. The question with them will be can they sustain that level of play?

      Just like it’s reasonable to ask the same question of Washington.

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