Week 4: Picks and Predictions

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Sorry about the delay folks.  This week the picks and predictions post is getting put up on Gameday morning.

Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging.  I will try to stay on point going forward.

But real quick: wasn’t Week 3 crazy?  I tell ya, those games were all over the map!  I know I was surprised by a host of different ballgames.

Will that wackyness continue?  The answer will come by sundown.

On to the picks.

(NOTE: these Point Spreads are courtesy of ESPN)


Carolina vs New England (-9) (over/under 49.5)
an image of Week 4 CARvsNE helmets

WoW.  This one’s tricky.  Thing is, I had Carolina as the best team in The NFC South this year.  But their bad loss to New Orleans at Home challenges that notion.  Was that an anomaly?  This week will tell the tale.

On the other hand, I’m on record as stating that the Patriots are in decline.  But a game like this in Foxboro?  That used to be easy money for these guys.  And while I do think the Pats have fallen off, they’re still good enough to hold serve at Home.

I definitely don’t think it’ll be easy, but New England Wins.  Although the Panthers cover the spread.

Carolina          20 ✓
New England 27


Los Angeles(N) vs The Rival (-6.5) (o/u 48.5)
an image of Week 4 LARvsRIVAL helmets

I am duty bound to state for the record that I harbor no good will towards the Texas team.  I won’t go into it here, but take that sentiment on good faith.

Now….objectively, I see this one as a layup.  Perhaps I am sleepin’ on the Rams a little bit (and I acknowledge that certainly may be the case), but they’re NOT good enough to Win at any NFC East Team’s stadium (well, maybe New York).  Particularly not with a Rookie Head Coach & an inexperienced Quarterback.  Yeah their Defense ain’t bad, but this here is a tall order.

As for The Hated Rival; they did pull off a pretty big Win in Arizona on Monday Night (a ballgame that I considered a tossup at the time) over a good, but fading Arizona team.  Still, that was a quality Victory.  And YES this is The NFL, where anything can happen on any given Sunday (as Week 3 has proven).  But in my opinion, the Texas team in this matchup, is the superior team.

Rivals Win and cover.

Los Angeles   16
Hated Rival    24 ✓



Jacksonville (-3.5) vs New York(A) (o/u 38)
an image of Week 4 JAXvsNYJ helmets

I’m starting to believe in the Jaguars!  They impressed me with how thoroughly they beat the Ravens in London.  But was that a simple case of pouring it on a defeated team, or are these guys for real?  It’s an interesting question that I don’t believe today’s matchup will answer.  Although this tilt will speak to whether the Jags are consistent enough to be considered a player in The AFC South.

New York on the other hand needs to view contests like this as an opportunity.  While they may be at a disadvantage from a talent standpoint on most Sundays, it is important that they play with intensity & focus in order to stay competitive.  Stated plainly, they gotta be physical and combative with their Opponents, and cannot beat themselves!  That has been the hallmark of bad teams for forever.  Jacksonville can be caught slippin’ if the Jaguars show up expecting an easy Win.

I’m gonna take Jacksonville, but they escape with a Win in a tussle!  The Jets beat the spread, but lose the game.

Jacksonville 28
New York      27 ✓


Buffalo vs Atlanta (-8) (o/u 48.5)
an image of Week 4 BUFvsATL helmets

I dunno about Buffalo in this one.  For years games like this are set up for the Home Dome Team to roll.  Playing on a fast track under optimal conditions would lead a reasonable observer to believe the Bills get rolled here.  But the Bills can stay in the game (and have a chance to Win it) by sitting on the ball and slowing Atlanta down.  Hey Buffalo, want some respect?  Well here’s your chance to earn it!

As for Atlanta, this is a game that they’re supposed to Win comfortably.  That’s not to say that the Bills are anyone’s homecoming team.  But as a Super Bowl Contender, the Falcons should Win.  They’ve got too much firepower be contained, and they get these Bills in their brand new fancy stadium.  The bottom line here is pretty obvious.

Falcons roll.

Buffalo  19
Atlanta  38 ✓

Bonus Game!

Since this post is going up at the last minute, I’m picking five games this week.  Time to get things going!


San Francisco vs Arizona (-7) (o/u 44.5)
an image of Week 4 SFvsARI helmets

The 49ers may be the worst team in The League.  There’s no reason to sugarcoat things.  I don’t see them being very competitive this season.  And that’s no sleight against Kyle Shanahan, the fine young Coach in San Fran.  Truth is, he gets this gig because the Niners need to be overhauled and totally rebuilt.  With that being the case, odds are they’re going to struggle this year.  Mightily.  ‘Nuff said.

Arizona meanwhile needs this ballgame in the worst way.  Yes, it’s only October 1st, but after a tough Home loss on Monday Night, they need to get the ship righted.  And lo and behold, the 49ers come to town.  Now I don’t expect a cakewalk (because this is a Division Game), but if the Cardinals are going to stay in the mix this season, then Winning today is mandatory.  I believe they’ll get it done.

Cardinals prevail over a pesky San Francisco.  Niners beat the spread though.

San Francisco  27 
Arizona             31✓


That’s all folks.  Enjoy the games!

My Season so far

ATS: 4-7

Redskins: 2-1

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5 thoughts on “Week 4: Picks and Predictions

  1. Ok first your hated rivals you said they would cover against Arizona you need to change that since they play the Rams. Now let me say this I picked the Rams to not only cover the spread but shock and pull off the upset. I also got both New England and Jacksonville covering their spread even though I hate NE but hey this is betting im doing lol. The rest of the picks i agree. Now your skins will go down against KC. I admit yall shocked me last week but yall go to arrowhead. So yea yall go down this week.

    • It’s been awhile Aaron. Glad to have you back in the mix!

      First things 1st. Thanks for catching the error in the post. That’s good stuff (and earns you some good will with this Diehard).

      Now about those picks. As I’ve stated, the LA Rams simply ain’t good enough to Win that ballgame on The Road (but I’d be happy to be wrong about that one). That’s the reality.

      And while I can see the results of the Pats & Jags games going the way you said, NFL Games seem to have a way of generally staying closer than you would expect. That’s my reasoning regarding these games.

      And as I’ve told Ryan, I pick The Redskins games in a different post entirely. AND that post doesn’t go up until Gameday. Which is tomorrow – so check for that.

      I s’pose we’ll see which one of us is right in a few hours, eh?

      • Yea i know you pixk skins game in different
        post but i figure i talk trash anyway. Lol

        • Look see how this game is between the Rams and The Girls. Look I know we’re 0-3 but look at it like this ok ur D is way better than the Cowboys but their O-line is way way better than ours as a matter of fact i think we have the worst O-line in football so with that being said the Girls are vulnerable. So any decent team can beat them the cards almost did it.

          • It looks like you were proven right about The Hated Rival today. Honestly, I am a little surprised by this, but not TOO shocked.

            In my opinion, they were always a little overrated!

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