Week 4: Showdown At Arrowhead

an image of Week 4 SKINS vs KC helmets
Tonight we’re gonna find out the answer to the question: Who’s the REAL Chief?


When the name is uttered in football talk, a dude gets visions of throngs of crazy loud fans in a venue impossible for Visitors to Win in.


The Home Field of what I consider the best team in The League.  Not only do I have a healthy respect for the venue, but I am also aware of how high a degree of difficulty is involved in beating that team in that place.

To me, that’s the toughest place to play in and get a Win.  Not Denver (the new stadium).  Not Seattle.  And it definitely ain’t one of them Domes.  I fully acknowledge that the most difficult place to play in the entire National Football League is in Kansas City, Missouri.


And tonight, The Washington Redskins are in Kansas City to do just that; Beat a strong (and talented) Chiefs team in Arrowhead in tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup.

Heading into the game, Kansas City is a 7 Point Favorite.  That’s right, a Touchdown.

Honestly this is an incredibly tough set of circumstances for our homeboys.  Not only are they playing a Road Game against the Best Team in The League right now, but because that team is the Chiefs, The Skins have to try to get a Win in the toughest environment of them all.

Talk about a tough draw!

But you know what?  I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Because tonight, these Washington Redskins can not only make a bold statement in a number of different ways, but they also have the opportunity to usher in a new era of Redskins Football.

[Just to be clear, I strongly believe that we have already entered that new era, but Winning tonight would up the ante considerably]

I’m not kidding.

Back when the squad Won The NFC East, the naysayers were quick to point out that The Division was down, and The Skins got hot at the right time & took it.  Okay.  Fine.

Then last year, there was plenty of doubt about the quality of The Team.  Yet they managed to post a Winning Record against a 1st Place Schedule.  Again, the doubters said they did nothing more than collapse on the right side of the .500 mark.  Sure.  You got it.

Then coming into this season, there was more Skins hate.  I saw prognosticators predicting a 5-11 finish for Washington (but the Giants are going to The Super Bowl??).  Truly unbelievable.

And of course Jay’s team loses the Season Opener, which would seem to validate the Football Press’s low opinion of The Team.  But they haven’t been paying close attention. (but that’s a gripe for another day)

This is a damn good football team.

These same Redskins went out West and controlled the Rams in a late afternoon ballgame.  Those that watched the contest know that Washington was clearly the better team that day. (and still are)

Then came the beatdown of Oakland at FedEx on Sunday Night.  As I have previously stated, the worm did indeed turn on that night.  It was on that Sunday that The League (and its observers) caught a glimpse of the emerging Contender.

Which brings us full circle to tonight.  The opportunity that Jay and his men have before them is unprecedented: not since the Gruden has landed have The Redskins been in a position to be considered THE BEST TEAM IN THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.

That’s what this is game about.

If they lose, it’s no big deal.  The team will be 2-2, right where most folks had ’em, and still in a position to do big things.  Not to mention, since this is an Interconference Game, it wouldn’t even hurt from a tiebreaker standpoint.

But that thinking is wrong.  Tonight is about what Washington can gain from Beating the Chiefs in Kansas City.

Beating the Chiefs puts The Washington Program on another level – and no sane football fan, reporter, Player, Coach, or otherwise can deny it going forward.

Beating the Chiefs says to the world, we’re ready to play for all of the marbles RIGHT NOW!

And in Beating the Chiefs, a Super Bowl Contender in their own right, makes it clear that from this point forward, The Redskins are Players.

Winning this football game means that every team that will see these Redskins just got a much tougher schedule!

And tonight, The Washington Redskins are gonna Beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

Don’t be afraid of the dawn: a new day is here!


Washington  29 ✓
Kansas City  20

And once it happens, I’m going to start using the you-know-what word!

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