Week 6: Picks and Predictions

Week 6 Picks and Predictions
Skins are back in action!

You know the best part about Week 6?  The Washington Redskins are back in action!

Yes.  There’s that – but also there’s some really good Division games on the docket.

Not to mention, there are a number of other intriguing matchups that you just don’t see every day.

Detroit travels to New Orleans in what should be Sunday’s biggest shootout.  The LA Rams travel to Jacksonville in a clash of two up-and-coming teams.

And there’s a really interesting matchup taking place in Kansas City.  Is Pittsburgh strong enough to knock off the undefeated Chiefs in Arrowhead?  It won’t be long before we know the result.

As stated previously, I view this as a transition year in The League.  And the next month of games is going to create the necessary separation we need to learn who is who.

That’s means we’re in for some outstanding competition over the next few weeks.

So let’s get right to it!


(NOTE: these Point Spreads are courtesy of ESPN)


Miami vs Atlanta (-12½) (o/u 46)
an image of Week 6 Picks MIAvsATL helmets

This game shouldn’t be close.  Miami comes to Mercedes Benz Stadium fresh off a Win last week.  But given the eventful circumstances that followed in the interim between games, one has to wonder how much the Dolphins are focused on this contest (I’m sure you’ve seen the video by now).  Atlanta meanwhile, sports The League’s third ranked Offense and 10th ranked Defense.  And in coming off their Bye (after having suffered their 1st loss of the season AT HOME) I expect the Falcons to roll.  This one’ll be a Falcons layup drill.

Miami gets a garbage Touchdown to make it look closer than it really is, but Atlanta covers.
Miami     20
Atlanta   38 ✓




Green Bay (-3) vs Minnesota (o/u 46)
an image of Week 6 Picks GBvsMIN helmets

This would be an intriguing Divisional matchup if not for the injuries.  The Packers slide into Minneapolis pretty banged up, but that shouldn’t materially affect their ability to compete.  Facing facts, as long as Aaron Rodgers is healthy and ready to go, the Pack is good to go.  Minnesota on the other hand has their hands full: not only are they hosting the NFC North’s best Division, but they will be doing so without a ton of key players.  Bradford’s out.  Diggs is out.  And even their sensational Rookie Dalvin Cook is out.  Yes.  That’s their Starting Quarterback & his two primary weapons.  How are the Vikings supposed to compete?  They’re putting an awful burden on their Defense, and they won’t be enough to save them today.

Packers cover as a Road Favorite.
Green Bay   23 ✓
Minnesota  10




New England (-9) vs New York(A) (o/u 47½)
an image of Week 6 Picks NEvsNYJ helmets

WoW.  Are we witnessing a changing of the guard here?  Interesting question.  For years the Patriots dominated the AFC North.  But are those days over?  Consider that New England is in Third Place looking up at the Jets entering today’s play.  The Defending Super Bowl Champion Pats are the number 1 Offense in Football this season.  But they’re also the worst Defense in The League.  Yes.  The worst.  Conversely, the Jets have been a scrappy bunch this year.  They may not look pretty on the stat sheet, but they damn sure do on The Scoreboard (currently sporting a 3 game Winning streak).  I think Head Coach Todd Bowles deserves some props.  He’s produced a squad of overachieving scrappers, but they have their work cut out for them today.  I got em beating the spread, but not the Patriots.

Patriots Win a tussle.
New England   28
New York(A)    24 ✓

Tampa Bay (-1½)  vs Arizona (o/u 45½)
an image of Week 6 Picks TBvsARI helmets

Alright Tampa Bay, who are you really?  Are you the team tied for last place in your Division, or are you that dynamic young squad that’s hungry to challenge this year?  I thought you were going to be Playoff Contenders, with Jameis Winston leading the breakout.  On the other hand, what has happened is the failure of a young team to meet the increased expectations of them.  But they’re not out of it yet, not by a long shot.  Arizona meanwhile, may be in danger of falling out of it if they don’t start Winning ballgames.  Yes they’re hurt.  Yes they’re aging.  But sooner or later the time comes to show what you’re made of.  And will being put in the position of a Home Dog stir these Cards?  Today I think it will.  In a virtual toss up, I got the Home Team pulling the “upset”.

Cardinals rep the hometown in a shootout (and take the Over)
Tampa Bay 31
Arizona       37 ✓



I can’t wait till kickoff!  Will we start to see some separation today?

My Season so far

ATS: 5-18 (Starting slow. I’ll get it together)

Redskins: 2-2

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4 thoughts on “Week 6: Picks and Predictions

  1. Ok Ottis i pretty much agree with what you said except that i think the Pats beat the Jets by 10 covering the spread and the cards even with AP and being at home fall short by 3.

    • As always, I appreciate your comments Aaron.

      I won’t argue that New England Wins today. I believe that myself. But New York has been underrated by everyone all season long.

      They aren’t going to lay down to a declining Patriots team. That one’s closer than commonly expected.

      And you trust the Bucs to Win a close game with their Kicking Problems? I’m skeptical of that.

      But we’ll see shortly.

      • Well the pats are down so we’re both wrong about that so far lol. But the bucs kicker no i dont have confidents in him but i do believe the cards fall short still

        • Never doubt the Diehard, my friend. Stay tuned, because there’s more good stuff to come!

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