Week 6: The Double-Digit Favorite?

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I’m not gonna lie; I hope we beat ’em 798-to-1. I hate the 9ers!

Today’s ballgame is a big deal.

Given the way The Team has played, this year’s Washington Redskins have earned more than a measure of respect.  In going to Kansas City & going toe-to-toe with the lone unbeaten Chiefs, nobody’s laughing at Washington anymore.

In fact, we have now entered a period where other teams around The League, opposing fans, and The Football Press stand to attention and respect this Redskins Team.

And most of all, the Vegas sportsbooks reflect this newfound respect.  The current Gameday line has Washington as a an 11 Point Favorite in today’s matchup!

11 Points.

Why is that significant?  There’s one simple reason for it: The Redskins are considered a Contender.

I know the 49ers are Winless.  And everyone understands that The Skins are the superior team.  Only a 9ers Diehard would quibble with that.  And San Fran does travel east to play in the dreaded 1 o’clock window (the bane of West Coast teams)

Yup.  All of that definitely comes into play.

But this week’s clash in DC (okay, PG County) is more meaningful than that.  To me, this is the opening paragraph in the next phase of Washington’s ascension as a Football Power.

Are The Redskins ready to cream a cupcake?  Or will they look past this hapless San Francisco team thinking about a Monday Night Showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles?  In the past, this has been a nettlesome issue.

So has this Redskins Team matured past that?  Today’s game will give us our answer.

I do not think The Redskins will suffer a letdown today.  But I am also unsure of this team covering such a lofty point spread.

For all of my thoughts on this particular matchup, I offer you this forum post on ExtremeSkins (the prediction thread)

To me, this week’s game is an interesting measuring stick, particularly given the circumstances.

For the better part of two weeks now, The Team’s been getting plenty of ‘attaboys’ from the fans and the Local Press.  It’s heartening to see the home folks really backing the team and appreciative of their efforts.  Even the National Football Press is…impressed, for a change.  The Washington Redskins are legit & everybody knows it.

What’s more, even Vegas (the ultimate pragmatist) has started believing – a 10 Point Spread!??  WooooooW!

And herein lies the test: are these Washington Redskins ready to embrace life as a Favorite?

This represents the next step in The Program’s development.  Going forward, The Skins should be Favorites in roughly 7 ballgames left on The Schedule (yes, I counted New York twice).  As we know, it’s easy to perform when there’s no pressure of expectations: the Jacksonville Jaguars are evidence of that.  But now that Washington is expected to be a Season Long Contender (& beat up on the likes of sorry San Francisco), how will The Team handle its newfound perception?

While I enjoy seeing Skins Fans being prideful and expecting excellence from our Team, I am a little unsettled about this: are The Redskins week-in-week-out bone crushers of a Football Team?  Interestingly, the 49ers unwittingly hold the key to answering this question.

I have no doubts that if the fellas have been smellin’ themselves & soaking up all that ESPN praise, they’ll come out flat on Sunday (& be beaten by a Winless foe).  But if Jay has this team as feisty and aggressive as we’ve seen thus far, the 9ers are in for a sound ass whuppin!


Count me as one among those that just wants the Win.  Again, this is a tricky game.  This being the tune up before the showdown in Philly.  I do believe that we will Win, but it won’t come as easily as many of us expect.  But this is indeed that year that rearranges the pecking order.

San Francisco   16 
Washington  24

Covering that ridiculous spread?  I am dubious of that.  The Team isn’t quite there yet (and I’m proudly one of the biggest kool aid drinkers on this forum)

Edited  by Diehard Otis


And that’s my take on this matchup.

Of course I’ve got The Washington Redskins Winning the ballgame.  But are they ready to be that team that covers inflated spreads like this one?

That I don’t know.  But Washington Prevails

San Francisco  16 ✓
Washington      24

The Monday Night clash in Philly for 1st Place(!) is next on the list.


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