Week 7: Picks and Predictions

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Gameday is here again.  And since I’ve been posting these picks so late (ie on Gameday), I don’t want to waste any time.

But first!

Think about this for a moment.  If I asked you to go through The League and name the eventual Champion from every Division, what would you come up with?  In other words, how many Divisions are you comfortable with calling right now?

For those that don’t have this stuff memorized (like me), there’s 8 Divisions in The NFL.  Each Conference has a North, South, East, and West.  And out of those, which ones are pretty much locked up by a single dominant team?

One?  Maybe two?

Tough to choose Champs so early in the year, ain’t it?

And the point to this exercise is highlight how much of an up-in-the-air feel this football season has to it.

Honestly, with The Super Bowl Rematch set as the Sunday Night Game, I’m not even sure those two teams Win their Divisions (okay, I do like the Pats to Win the AFC East).

Chaos is fun, ain’t it?

Anyways, let’s pick some games.


(NOTE: these Point Spreads are courtesy of ESPN)

Tennessee (-6) vs Cleveland (o/u 45.5)
an image of Week 7 TENvsCLE helmets

Tennessee, here’s your opportunity.  If you’re going to establish yourselves as legitimate Players in the AFC, then you’ve got to Win ballgames like this one.  On the Road at Winless Cleveland must result in Victory.  Yes, I know that the Browns are an NFL team and ain’t gonna lay down for ya, but an eventual Division Champ doesn’t drop games to inferior Opponents.  Sorry Brownies, but it’s time to get some experience for your younger players and evaluate your roster….in Week 7!

Titans handle their business & cover
Tennessee 28 ✓
Cleveland   21




Tampa Bay vs Buffalo (no line)
an image of Week 7 TBvsBUF helmets

WoW, no line?  Seriously?  I think the Bills should take that as a personal insult!  Yes, Tampa Bay is a talented young team with a high flying Passing Attack (ranked 2nd in The League).  But Quarterback Jameis Winston is hurt, and although he’s gonna go, you’d have to think it will affect the Bucs Offense tremendously.  Also bear in mind that this is Tampa Bay’s 2nd consecutive Road Game after coming up short in Arizona.  And Buffalo has to take advantage of a team dealing with a significant injury to their Passer.  Are these Bills really good enough to end the Patriots reign in the East?  That is very much an open question, but they have beaten the likes of Denver and Atlanta so far.  If anyone other than New England is going to take the AFC East, I like the Bills to do it.  By that logic, they should Win games like this one.

I’m taking Buffalo to Win ugly.
Tampa Bay 13
Buffalo        20 ✓




Arizona vs Los Angeles(N) (-3½) (o/u 46½)
an image of Week 7 ARIvsLAR helmets

This is an intriguing matchup.  Has Arizona really fallen further than Adrian Peterson can save them, or do they have one last hurrah left in them old bones?  Conversely, are the Rams really laying legitimate claim to Winning the West?  Later today, one of those questions will be answered affirmatively.  Arizona comes into the day looking to get their heads above water after some early season struggles.  Is this team going to be a factor in the NFC West?  They have been in the past, but things change fast in today’s NFL.  Meanwhile, the Rams have been building some serious momentum after impressive victories over The Hated Rival (in Texas) and the upstart Jaguars.  What’s more, they enter the day as Division Leaders, so it will be interesting to see how they handle prosperity.  But my belief is the Cardinals serve notice that they’re not dead yet.

Cards pull the upset in The City of Angels.
Arizona               34 ✓
Los Angeles(N) 30




New Orleans (-4) vs Green Bay (o/u 47½)
an image of Week 7 NOvsGB helmets

This game has been totally transformed by the Aaron Rodgers injury.  In a flash, the Saints are installed as 4 Point Favorites at Lambeau Field.  Not only does the Rodgers injury change Green Bay’s fortunes on the season, but it impacts everything!  The NFC race as a whole, the North Division, and especially their chances this afternoon.  Honestly, I don’t know how good New Orleans really is, but I do know that the one thing they can do is score.  And in that regard, I’m not sure the Packers can keep up.  At least not this week.

Saints get an unforeseen layup & cover.
New Orleans  38 ✓
Green Bay       19 

Bonus Game


Baltimore vs Minnesota (-5½) (o/u39)
an image of Week 7 BALvsMIN helmets

The Purple Game.  First of all, I don’t trust the Vikings to be a 5½ Point Favorite.  It’s not that I think they suck (I don’t in fact), but even at Home, the Vikes aren’t setting the scoreboard on fire.  That’s for sure.  And the Ravens ain’t an Offensive Powerhouse either, but they’re a decent Veteran team.  Admittedly, I don’t know how good either team is, but my gut tells me that Baltimore will go to the great white north and take care of business.  See there Ravens fans?  I took ya this week.  Get excited!

Ravens put the smack on the Vikings.
Baltimore   27 ✓
Minnesota 16




I can’t wait to see how these ballgames play out.  will we finally get some semblance of order to The 2017 NFL Season?

I doubt it.


My Season so far
OVERALL: 11-13

ATS: 8-20 (Plenty of football left party people)

Redskins: 3-2

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2 thoughts on “Week 7: Picks and Predictions

  1. As usual you give good insight for the week but also as usual i have to disagree with some picks. This week 2 of your picks im trying to see what you see but can’t. Now thise picks are Vikes vs Ravens i have Minnasota at home by 3 it still doesn’t cover the spread but they get thw win. The ravens couldn’t stop the Bears so i dont see them doing it against a better opponent. And last the Cards vs Rams. I see what your saying but i dont believe it. I think it will be close but rams win 27-21. I think they have to many weapons and a strong enough D to stop the cards even with AP.

    • Aaron, I’m responding to you after the games (so bear that in mind).

      I have to give you props, since you were right about both of those games. I tell ya, that’s the last time that I trust either of those teams on The Road.

      They really burnt me today!

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