Week 8: Dallas!

an image of Dallas vs The Washington Redskins helmets
This is THE Game! Every meeting is a Must Win.

The Rivalry Game.  Not only is it a Rivalry Game, but it’s The Best Rivalry in the history of The NFL.  Even Google knows!

Today represents a classic case of polar opposites: Blue vs Red, Overrated vs Underrated, (North) East Coast Metropolis vs (South) Texas oil country.

Cowboys and Indians – what’s more representative of american culture than that?

And it isn’t simply the aesthetics of the matchup: it’s the long history of Big Games and clutch moments.  Athlon Sports says

The two franchises have shared a division since 1961 and have often contested with each other for division supremacy. They’ve combined for a staggering 31 division titles, eight Super Bowl wins and 14 Super Bowl appearances, in the process boasting some of the greatest players (Staubach, Riggins, et al), coaches (Tom Landry, George Allen, Joe Gibbs, Jimmy Johnson) and teams in NFL history.

source–Athlon Sports

Funny, because there’s always consternation over which rivalry in The League is the best.  There’s even been some question as to whether The Redskins are the Texas team’s biggest rival – sorry Philly, but historical context matters (and you STILL have no Lombardi, so you don’t count).

Not to mention there’s been TONS of iconic games & moments over the years.  For more on that look here, here & here. (AND here)

Point is, this matchup is always a big deal.

This year’s DC Game features two 3-3 teams with aspirations of reaching The Playoffs.  In that regard, this is a HUGE midseason affair.

But it’s more than that.  All we hear about in the Football Press is how great their team is.  On and on every year.  And more annoyingly, their bandwagon fans are insufferable!

I’m telling you if there’s one game that The Burgundy and Gold MUST WIN, it is definitely this one.

But it won’t be easy.  The Hated Rival shows up today as a 2 Point Favorite. In DC.

And as insulting as that point spread is, the culprit is far more sinister: Injuries.

This Redskins Team is so banged up, there’s an open question as to whether Washington can effectively compete today.

Personally, I’m not buying it.  This is DALLAS WEEK!  I don’t care if Jay fielded The Practice Squad for today’s game.  The bottom line is we must beat our Rival!

Somehow, some way, it must be done.  There’s too much on the line for Washington to not move heaven and earth to get it done.

And I’m willing to give Jay (and Kirk) the benefit of the doubt.  They know how important today is.  And they know it’s gonna take an above-and-beyond effort.

So here’s my leap of faith: The Washington Redskins, against the odds, Beat The Hated Rival this afternoon.  Injuries be damned!

By nightfall we’ll all be singing Hail To The Redskins in celebration of the sweetest Victories of them all…

A Win over The Hated Rival.


The Redskins take care of business today in epic fashion.
Dallas            20
Washington  26 ✓



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