Week 8 Postgame: The Low Point

an image of The Redskins losing to The Hated Rival
This is the worst case scenario to a Diehard. Humiliating!

This one was painful.  On Sunday October 29th, The Washington Redskins lost at Home to The Most HATED Rival in The Game of the Week.

In the game itself, The Defense played well enough to keep The Team in it BUT it simply wasn’t enough.

The Offense, as shorthanded as it was, did make a late charge…only to fail in the game’s most crucial moment.

And The Special Teams – well, they weren’t special.

But the worst news of all is The Team’s best player may not play another down this season.

A season that began with such promise is slowly, achingly, slipping away.

Which was clearly evident Sunday.

Yes The Redskins played valiantly.  Hell, I expected that.  But what I didn’t expect was that the good guys would drop this ballgame.

Not to The MOST HATED Rival! Not at Home!

Especially not when we had to have it.  I was absolutely convinced that this would be that hour Kirk & The Squad shined the brightest.

Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Although there is still plenty of football left to play (and at 3-4, and The Playoffs are still within reach), this was a crucial contest.

For one, Beating The Hated Rival is always important!  But even more so, this clash had significant Divisional implications riding on it.  And while losing isn’t a death blow, it is a wound.

Currently, it’s a bit premature to state how significant of a wound it really is.

But one thing is for sure: while still in the meat of The Schedule (with meetings against 2 Division leaders still looming) treading water is imperative.

Plainly stated, The Skins need a Win!

It doesn’t even matter how they get it.  They just need a Win.

And Sunday at Seattle represents another opportunity to get one.

Show us some magic fellas!

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