Week 9: Tough Assignment

an image of Week 9 SKINSvsSEA helmets
The Redskins need to shine in the Pacific Northwest today.

After two tough weeks in The Division, today The Washington Redskins travel across the country (to the top corner) to take on the Seattle Seahawks in a late afternoon slugfest.

Even though The Skins are badly hurting and vulnerable, things won’t get any easier this afternoon.

Seattle, by most accounts, has the best Homefield Advantage in The NFC (truthfully, that distinction should be given to the Green Bay Packers).  And they’ve also been installed as a 7½ Point Favorite.

That means that under the circumstances, Washington’s got a tough assignment on deck this week.

But are the Seahawks really that tough?

Yes, they are a top Contender in The Conference.  And yes, they are a Division Leader (currently tied for 1st Place).  But these are not the same Seahawks from 4 years ago.

Seattle has the 17th ranked Defense in The League.  Did you know that?  It’s true.  Statistically they’re worse than Miami, Atlanta, & the LA Rams. (Skins are 12th)

Even more interesting, their vaunted Pass Defense is ranked 12th (and guess who’s 13th?).

That certainly alters the perception of this team (and for the record, they are 20th in Run Defense. The Redskins are 13th).  Like I said, this ain’t the Seattle Seahawks that were the Legion of Boom!

But look; I’m not saying they’re suckas either.  In fact, they are better overall now than they were a few years ago in terms of experience.

They may have had some dropoff in talent, but this squad knows how to Win.  Seattle has reached that Veteran Contender status that is the goal of every Football Organization. (and hopefully Washington’s intended destination)

What I mean is they may have periods of struggle & poor play, but this kind of team knows how to Win.  And they know when they need to Win.  Also, they are at the point where they can reliably challenge for the crown every year.

So no, I ain’t taking ’em lightly.

But look here – The Skins got a damn good team too.  I’ll shout that until I’m breathless.

These fellas can play with anybody.  And even though injuries and a brutal schedule have made things treacherous, The Washington Redskins ain’t no suckas neither!

There is no doubt that the entire roster is littered with injuries to key players, starters and backups alike.

Doesn’t matter.  I have too much faith in this Team to believe that they’ll lose their season due to injuries.

Today is a difficult challenge.  Sure it is.  But so was Kansas City, and The Team didn’t shrink from the moment that Monday Night.

No sir.  Today, The Washington Redskins will dig deep, weather the metaphorical storm during the game and BEAT the Seattle Seahawks!

I believe in this team.  And I believe that we will Win.

The Redskins pull the upset on The Road!

Washington 27 ✓
Seattle         24


(and I’m not picking any other games this week, because all I care about is ours.  Back to game picks next week)

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