Will The Redskins Make The Playoffs?

an image of Kirk Cousins and Josh Doctson celebrating
What will it take for us to see this scene in January?

So I asked this question earlier on Twitter:

Boy did I get some responses!  Honestly, it made for an A+ discussion.  Here’s some of the answers:

Notice a theme?

Yup.  It begins with health.  Absolutely The Team must stay healthy.  That’s a given.

More to the point, I think we’re looking at several keys that will open the door to The Postseason:

1) We must get production from the Wide Receivers – Thus far, The Redskins have gotten some clutch contributions from several players (Chris Thompson, Vernon Davis, and Ryan Grant, to name a few).  And when healthy, Fat Rob has been effective enough Rushing The Football.

Of course all of that production is necessary and welcome.  But this Offense has stalled compared to the high flying act from last year.  And that’s because of the lack of consistent play out of The Wide Receiver group.

Simply put, if Washington expects to be playing January Football, then someone from among The Pass Catchers needs to step up.  There really is no alternative.  The Redskins struggle to move The Football and score consistently, because they aren’t getting enough from their Wideouts.

It’s hard to see how The Skins can be successful down the stretch without better play from outside of the numbers.

2) Even The Division Record – Of all of the numbers on the year (both good and bad), the one number that truly disturbs me is The Division mark.  Washington is 0-3 in The NFC East!

That’s unacceptable.  Period.

I do know that no one predicted the Eagles at the halfway mark to be this good, but getting swept by them is like getting stung twice by a hornet.  It absolutely sucked each time.  “But the Eagles are the best team in The League” you say.  Okay.

Then if that weren’t bad enough, The Redskins were beaten AT HOME by our arch Arch ARCH Rivals!  There isn’t enough medicine to make that pain go away.  I don’t care if we had to start The Redskinettes that fateful Sunday: Beating The Hated Rivals is mandatory.

And losing to them both?  Not cool.

What’s more, how can you become a power in your Division when you cannot Beat anyone in it?

That has to change.  In fact, I consider The Rivalry Game down in Texas a Must Win.  Because it is.

3) The X Man has to step up – There have been so many noteworthy performances this year, it memorizes me.  In fact, the Midseason Superlatives were so long I felt like I should just go down the roster and write a blurb next to each name.

And there were still guys that didn’t get recognized (like Nick Rose.  What a huge pickup he’s been!).  And all of those standouts need to continue producing for The Team to excel.

But there’s one name that has yet to be mentioned.

That’s the name of The Player who’s going to be the key contributor through the stretch run of The Season.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if it’s Terrelle Pryor, Junior Galette, Jamison Crowder, or Will Compton.  Or even someone entirely different.

The point is that someone else, besides all of the other Players recognized, has to elevate his play in a manner that can help propel Washington to The Playoffs.

I dunno who it’s going to be, but it has to be someone.


Once again, I believe that The Burgundy and Gold are a Playoff Caliber Team.

That doesn’t mean that they’ll just waltz into the dance, because there are more than 5 other Playoff Caliber Teams in The NFC (in my opinion).  Which means somebody’s getting left out.

And it could be The Skins, if they don’t bring their best effort every week until season’s end.  Obviously I don’t expect that to happen.

That’s why it’s imperative that they employ each of the three keys mentioned above.

And it all begins anew with Minnesota on Sunday.

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